Wonder Woman Review


This review is spoiler free.

Sublime cinematography, brutal fight choreography and well-developed characters have firmly cemented Wonder Woman as the DCEU’s best film to date.

First of all, the film is a visual masterpiece. From Themyscira to London, the set design and execution was breathtaking, so a special mention to Matthew Jensen who did an excellent job in executing Patty Jenkin’s vision. You will truly immerse yourself in the world they have created and the contrasting colour palette between the worlds of man and the Amazonians was truly astonishing.

As good as the movie looks, one of the film’s strongest selling points is the Amazons and their fighting abilities. In this film, you will witness some truly outstanding fight choreography of the highest brutality. While it’s not at a Game of Thrones level in terms of bloodshed, the emotive aspect of the fighting is raw and powerful and is unlike anything that you have seen before.


In terms of the characters, Gal Gadot is finally given the chance to flex her acting muscles and the result is a very strong and powerful performance. She is able to bring both the power and fragility of her character, whilst despite her many positive attributes, there is also a hint of a few flaws. This was a smart move, as having an un-flawed character can be less engaging.

Wonder Woman is just as much Steve Trevor’s movie as it is Diana’s. Chris Pine is given plenty of screentime and his influence on the movie and Diana is very well executed. He shapes so much of what she becomes, he has a vital role in the film and is one of the movie’s strongest elements.

One of the best things about Wonder Woman is the two lead character onscreen chemistry. They are the perfect double act, with so many of their scenes ranging from heartbreaking to tears of laughter. It was a joy to watch.

So what about the rest of the cast? Danny Huston and David Thewlis are perfectly cast and have plenty of villainous things to do throughout the film. Special mentions also have to go out to Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright and Saïd Taghmaoui who were brilliant in their respective roles.


Is Wonder Woman a perfect film? Well, no. Despite all the positives, the film does have a few issues, one of which is the film’s final act.
The final showdown buries the character development and emotional storytelling under nonsensical reasoning and over-reliance on CGI. It was a stark contrast to so much of the film, but glimpses of this issue were littered throughout the film also. It just felt a little ‘all over the place’ at times but in a minimal yet noticeable way.

But the negatives are well and truly in the single digits, and Wonder Woman is going to hopefully entice a lot of people back to the DCEU. This movie firmly plants a flag in the ground and is a sign of call to arms. If the Justice League movie is in this new style of DC movie, then we are in for a real exciting time.

Wonder Woman clearly reflects that hiring a good director is half the battle. Zak Snyder’s Ultimate Edition vision for Batman V Superman is further proof that allowing a good director to execute their vision results in a good movie. Patty Jenkins brings so much brilliance to this film. And with James Wan in charge of Aquaman, it’s a good bet that the film will be of similar quality.

Wonder Woman is a brutal, emotional and fun adventure crafted with sublime direction and packed full of well-developed characters. While a little uneven at times,  an overall strong story is encased in beautiful art direction and some of the best fight scenes you will see on the big screen this year.


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