Game of Thrones: Season 7 Death Predictions


This article is dark and full of Spoilers.

With time ticking out on Game of Thrones and with many characters still alive, it’s only a matter of time before the body count begins to rise.

While I believe that 99.9% of the main cast will make it through Season 7, there are still many secondary characters that won’t. Season 7 will see a number of fan favourites and Season One character killed off in typical Game of Thrones fashion.

Season 7 Death Predictions: 

(6) Ellaria Sand


With Euron Greyjoy proclaiming in Episode One that he will bring Cersei a gift, I fully believe that gift to be Ellaria. She gave the ‘Long Farewell’ kiss to Myrcella and has declared war against the Lannisters, aligning herself alongside Lady Olenna and granting ships to Daenerys. She is one of Cersei’s greatest enemies so it would make sense that removing her would greatly benefit Cersei in a number of ways.

This would also remove Dorne from the bigger picture, and let’s face it, no one likes Dorne.

(5) Beric Dondarrion


The Season Seven trailer showed us Beric and others up at the wall taking on the White Walkers. All but one will make it back alive, and Beric won’t be one of them. Sure he can just come back, but I believe he will sacrifice his entire life force and that it will be transferred to the number two on this list. So keep reading to find out how Beric is linked with number two.

(4) Eddison Tollett & The Night’s Watch


As bit-part characters go, Eddison Tollett is one the best. He’s been with the show since Season Two and has been part of some of the show’s biggest and most shocking moments. With Jim Broadbent already foreshadowing The Walls destruction, it’s highly likely that this familiar face and his cloaked brothers will all fall by the might of the White Walkers.

(3) Tormund Giantsbane


Everyone’s favourite ginger grinning Wildling. Sadly, I don’t think his future ends with Brienne of Tarth by his side. Whether he dies at the wall or at the battle at the castle he has been sent to protect, either way, he won’t make it to Season Eight. He is a fan favourite and despite being a secondary character, his loss would be significant to the show and with the fans. His death would provide shock and devastation, but protects the main cast from harm at the same time.

(2) Jon Snow


Albeit momentarily. I can see Snow taking a mortal blow battling the White Walkers.  But rather than drawing it out, Beric Dondarrion sacrifices all his power and transfer it into Jon. Thus taking aspects of the Lady Stoneheart parts of the books and reshaping it into the TV series with a different character. The Jon and Beric link with the resurrection also aligns with comments by George R.R Martin recently in regards to ‘Fire Wights’.

In the trailer we also see someone, presumably escaping the battle, on horseback. They are leaning into the horse as if they are injured. This could be Jon escaping the battle as the others stay behind sacrificing themselves, allowing Jon to escape.

(1) Petyr Baelish


My second favourite Game of Thrones character and one of the show’s originals. *sigh*

Just like with another favourite of mine, Ramsay Bolton, I fear Littlefinger’s time is up on the show. He will spend the entire season playing Sansa off Jon, but as soon as Arya turns up to complete Stark reunion, it will be the end of him.

In promo photos released before the show’s return, you can see Arya with the Catspaw Blade. This Season One weapon was last in the possession of one Petyr Baelish. So how does Arya get it? I’m assuming off the dead body of said owner after she kills him, gaining a Valyrian blade and removing an obstacle to Stark unity.


Further proof? The Season 7 trailer has a Sansa narration stating “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. You’re meant to think that it’s referring to Jon, but in fact, the Stark children are the ‘Pack’, with Baelish being the lone wolf. I expect that is Sansa talking to Littlefinger as he dies at the hands of Arya.

So there you have it, my picks for those who will snuff it this season. While there are many key secondary characters, all the main characters should make it through.

That is until they all start to die in the final season….

Who do you think will snuff it this season? Leave your picks in the comments.

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