Ready Player One Teaser Trailer Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

When it was first announced that a cinematic version of Ready Player One was to be made, there was always that seed of apprehension with some.

I am only a recent convert to Ready Player One. But the story had such a powerful impact on me, that it quickly became one of my favourite books of all time. So while I cannot write this and be too snobby about a film adaption, I still have so much love for this book that I too worry a little about the final version of the movie.

Given the nature of the story and the properties involved, it was always going to be a different beast to the books. They weren’t going to be able to have X-Wings flying around, it would just not be possible with so many studios understandably unwilling to allow their properties to be used elsewhere. So we will have to make do with replacements, and while that is disappointing, you can understand the reasoning.


Ben Mendelsohn is a great villain, so when they cast him as Nolan Sorrento it was easy to get on board with that choice. But even Mendelsohn has said he will be playing to role of Sorrento very differently to how the character is in the book. There are going to be many differences and changes, but this does not necessarily mean it’s going to be bad. This is an adaption of the book co-written to the big screen by Ernest Cline himself. So with the author involved in the writing process, there is a lot of positives to takes from this.

In terms of the onscreen visuals, it was everything you could hope for. It was mind-blowing. There was just so much going on inside the OASIS, and playing ‘spot the character’ was an enjoyable game when re-watching the trailer for the twelfth or fourteenth time.


Speaking of spots, did you notice Gandalf, The Iron Giant, the DeLorean, Freddy Krueger, Duke Nukem, the car from Christine, the A-Team van, the Akira bike, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke? There is probably more, but you get the idea. This film is going to be packed full of characters and things that you will recognise. Perfect when trying to pull in a wider film audience.

The use of a re-worked version of ‘Pure Imagination’ was perfectly placed and really helped to convey the core notion of imagination which is integral to the film’s core.

As always, we take our top picks from the trailer and look at them more closely.

5 Things From The Trailer:


The Stacks

An iconic piece of imagery and artwork for fans of the book.

While only a small portion of the film will be spent here, to see it brought to life with such care and attention to detail is very pleasing. This will set the film up perfectly, and be the catalysis to draw you into the story, the world and the OASIS.



The trailer did a decent job explaining to anyway who hasn’t read the book about the basic idea behind the OASIS. We see Wade putting on his ramshackle equipment before finally logging on…and that is when the magic happens.

As there is no way they can obtain most for the licenses for the properties in the book, they still have the concept to work into those they can obtain.

There are no limits as to what can happen inside the OASIS, and it is going to be very interesting to see how far the will go with it.


The Iron Giant

This will be used as Ultraman’s replacement. So instead of ‘Ultraman v Mechagodzilla’ like had in the books, we look set for the Iron Giant to presumably take on another large pop culture icon. No word as of yet if it will be Mechagodzilla.

But forgetting all knowledge of the book, just seeing the Iron Giant on screen in this capacity was such a great moment. Even if you had no knowledge of the source material, you’ll instantly recognise the Iron Giant. The black silhouettes against the blue were also visually spectacular.


Death Race

As well as playing ‘spot the car from that thing’, this scene also helped to convey, to a non-book reader audience, a little more about the use of the OASIS. You see IOI agents in the real world and the editing clearly established that link between the real world and the player’s avatar in the OASIS.

The race itself looks adrenaline fuelled and chaotic. With such an array of iconic vehicles on screen, it looks set to be one of the films biggest scenes.


The Keys

While this stinger may not mean much to most, to those fans of the books, it means everything. ‘The Keys’ play a big part of the story, with the end goal being to find the final key that will win the game. The key shown in the trailer is the crystal key, and the one quest item everyone is fighting to obtain.

What did you think of the first look at Ready Player One? If you’ve read the book, how do you feel? And if you haven’t read the book how did you react? Let us know in the comments.

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