SDCC 2017 Roundup


With San Diego Comic Con done for another year, we have put together a quick round up and review of all the big talking points.

From epic movie posters to fantastic trailers, we’ve tried to cover as much of the big announcements as possible.

We have chosen three key focal points, with a round up section of other news at the end. Enjoy!

Thor Ragnarok:

Thor Ragnarok is destined for great things, and this latest SDCC trailer has just confirmed it.

From the fantastic music to the stunning colour palette, how can you not love everything about this trailer?

The humour is as light as the colours, and this looks set to be a big part of the film’s core. But the humour will be balanced by a very sinister presence in the form of Cate Blanchett’s Hela. As funny as Hulk and Thor were, Hela was the real star. Her onscreen presence commands your attention and her line delivery, even out of context, was perfect.

Oh and did we see Surtur at the end there? This classic ‘big bad’ from Thor’s comic book past looks set to make him MCU debut, and it is going to be amazing.

Other cool moments from the trailer were seeing the giant Ragnarok wolf Fenris take on Hulk as well as much more from Loki.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate this stunning poster…


Justice League:

Now that was an action packed trailer!

It’s clear that they are really trying to ramp up the excitement for this movie, and after (the cinematic cut of) Batman v Superman, you can understand why. Despite the sepia tones of the Warner/DC/Snyder universe, there was more colour injected into this trailer which gave it an extra lift.

But the biggest thing that was teased was the Green Lanterns. And this is something that desperately needs to happen. We need a Lantern for the second Justice League movie.


It was good to see J K Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and it was nice to see a focus on ‘the team’. Steppenwolf was also very impressive, but we just need to hope that they are able to make him a viable threat and an interesting character.

Other trailer highlights included Aquaman surfing on a Parademon, The Flash’s awkward humour and the feeling that this film is going to be a lot of fun.

Stranger Things 2:

One of the jewels in Netflix’s crown, Stranger Things is back for an eagerly anticipated second series.

It’s clear from the trailer that they are going for ‘bigger and badder’ things this time around. All the core characters are back and Eleven’s re-introduction at the end was perfectly executed.

There were plenty of pop culture references to tug on those nostalgia strings, and this feels like a series that is going to keep on getting better and better.

Oh and whoever thought of Thriller with the Vincent Price dialogue….genius.

Other News:

There is some new casting news for Marvel’s Antman and the Wasp. Michelle Pfeiffer will play Janet van Dyne (Hope’s mother/the original Wasp) with Laurence Fishburne playing Bill Foster (Giant-Man). These two screen veterans should add some star power to the Antman sqequal and looks to be two good picks for the roles. We also this great piece of concept art as well as the new logo for the film:


The villains have been announced for the Captain Marvel movie. Brie Larson will take on the Skrulls, who will be making their MCU debut. While probably unknown to most, these comic book favourites seem like a good fit for Captain Marvel.

Lost alum Michael Emerson has joined the cast of Arrow for Season 6. He will have a recurring role on the show, but as of yet all we know is that he will be playing a villain.

Speaking of Arrow Season 6, it’s been confirmed that Manu Bennett is set to return to the show in a larger supporting role. It has also been announced, much too great delight, that he will be the focus of a 2 part flashback.

Back to Marvel now, and this Infinity War artwork is sure to get everybody talking. What stands out the most to you?


Yael Grobglas will play villain Psi in the new season 3 of Supergirl.

And finally, Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed has joined the cast of Gotham for Season 4 as Sofia Falcone.

And there we have it. Our quick roundup of SDCC 2017.

Who do you think won the weekend? Was it Marvel or DC? Or was it something else entirely? Let us know in the comments.

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