IT Trailer #1 Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The first full trailer for the new adaption of IT arrived yesterday, and once again it has got everyone talking.

Being the first full trailer, we were treated to a lot more story setup and character introduction. And to be honest, it looks like they have done a very good job handling the source material. Hopefully there are some vital additions from the book that were missing from the 90s mini-series. And as much as I loved the 90s version, I want this movie to feel like it’s own beast, and not be constantly drawing back to the previous adaption. But looking at the trailer, there seems a freshness to the movie, so hopefully this will make for a more enjoyable viewing experience.


While there were plenty of jump scares packed into the trailer, I’m still hopeful that the movie won’t rely on them too much. A few jump scares in a horror movie is fine, but a lot of films don’t know when to stop using them, and this ends up hurting the movie. James Wan is a great example of mixing the jump scare, with genuinely creepy atmosphere and visuals. And i’m getting that James Wan vibe looking at what Andrés Muschietti has created in this trailer. This is a positive for sure.

Putting the visuals and horror themes aside, one of the most important factors that made this trailer a compelling watch was the music. Not only is the IT title theme creepy as hell, but the use of ‘You’ll float too’ with the score beats was a masterstroke. It helped add another layer to the trailer, and this really helped to elevate the horror on screen.


The original mini-series followed the Losers’ Club as both children and adults, with the format constantly switching between the past and the present. This movie, however, is solely from the kids perspective and won’t feature any present day story-lines. IF the movie is successful, then the plan is to make this film a ‘Part 1’ with a sequel (‘Part 2′) following in the footsteps of the Losers’ Club as adults with a final showdown with Pennywise the Clown. And let’s face it, given the hype surrounding it, it should make enough at the box office to sanction a part 2.

As always, we pick our 5 top moments from the trailer.

5 Things From The Trailer: it-1.jpg

The Losers Club

As much as the horror aspects of IT are important, you can never overlook the importance of the fellowship and acceptance provided the Losers Club. Their relationships with each other and their bond is just as important to the fabric of the story than Pennywise is. My main worry, was this focus would be shifted onto Pennywise, with the priority shifted on the horror and jump scares. For me, the Losers Club are the focal point of the story, and I’m just hoping this notion is not lost in the this new adaption. Seeing the young group of misfits on screen again was really pleasing to see.



In just a few words Bill Skarsgård was able to put the chills down your spine, and Warner Bros. would be very smart to keep his performance a mystery until the film hits cinemas. For me, this scene was more terrifying than any of the jump scares. It was genuinely creepy, and his ability to present such menace in a few words and with that facial performance, was magnificent.

Little Nightmares

You could be forgiven for mistaking this scene as a clip from the game Little Nightmares. This is a key scene to showcase the talent of the filmmakers. From the lighting to the composition, it was masterfully setup, and horror films that are well crafted, usually turn out to be better than most of their counterparts.


Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Whether or not this is Pennywise, it is still utterly terrifying. Perfectly framed, those piecing yellow eyes cut through to your very soul. With the Losers Club coming face to face with this evil entity, you get the feeling like this is going to be a big scene in the film.


Nope. Nope. Nope.

Not much to really analyse here. It’s a room full of creepy clowns. Enough said.

What did you think about the first full IT trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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