X-Men: The New Mutants Trailer #1 Review


X-Men meets A Cure For Wellness? I’m in! While we only have this initial trailer to go by, stylistically and tonally the films seem similar, but of course it’s early days.

The idea of an X-Men movie set in the horror genre is intriguing, and to be honest not at all what I expected. But this might work in the film’s favour. Rather than “Oh look, yet another X-Men movie” we have the potential of something truly unique. Being different and approaching superheros from a completely different angle is going to appeal a wider audience. Not a comic book movie fan but love horror? This might be the film that tempts you into the cinema. Of course its still a risk, but I am more interested in this film now than I was before. And I’m sure i’m not alone in that mindset.

As well as ticking all the horror boxes from a visual point of view, the use such an iconic Pink Floyd song was a smart move. It just adds another dimension to the trailer and feels very relevant to the onscreen visuals.

If you haven’t done so already, you can watch the trailer below.

As always, we have gone through the trailer and picked out some key scenes for discussion. If we have missed any you want to talk about, get in touch with us in the comments below.

So, lets do this!

5 Things From The Trailer:


Grave Consequences

The graves of young mutants who have died at the hospital? Interestingly no names, but numbers. Given the experiments and types of exploitative practices going on here, it’s fitting and very sinister that the patients are regarded in this way. It’s a very chilling opener which really helps set the tone for the rest of the trailer.


Tumble Terror

In a scene that uses classic horror tension build up, Cannonball (Charlie Heaton) cautiously walks up to a tumble dryer, then bang, jump scare city. The hand, which then ignites, may be that of Sunspot (Henry Zaga). Has he been put in there as punishment? This potential abuse of the young mutants at the hands of their captors is fascinating. And hopefully there are plenty more patient/doctor conflicts in the film, I’m sure there will be!



There’s something simple, yet very unnerving about this mask. It’s just a basic smiley face, but given the contrast of the white against the rest of the lighting takes it to a whole new disturbing level. What horrors lie beneath that mask?


Marion Crane or Wolfsbane?

Wow. Take a bow Maisie Williams. This emotive reaction is superb. Janet Leigh would approve, and the similarities between that iconic shower scene in Psycho is not hard to miss. I think this could be a big role of Williams, and I’m sure she has the acting chops to pull it off.


Freddy Frighteners

Whether it be A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Frighteners, the influence here is obvious, but welcome. You can’t beat a good old fashioned ‘entity behind the wall’ visual and given the context of the movie it feels very fitting. Given Mirage’s (Blu Hunt) powers, this scene is more than likely a struggle to deal with her ability to create illusions, rather than a real world threat.

On a final note, I really hope this film lives up to expectations and is also able to reach a new audience. These are X-Men characters that have a lot of depth to them, yet outside of the comic book community are still pretty much unknown. They deserve a chance at reaching a new and mainstream audience.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you happy with the direction they are taking the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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