Arrow: S6E16 ‘The Thanatos Guild’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

This episode brings the departure of an original cast member and I’m gutted about it. It’s been confirmed that Willa Holland has left her role as Thea Queen and I guess when you think about it, all the signs have been there with her taking a more reduced role throughout season 6.

Not surprisingly, Thea’s exit revolves around The League of Assassins, or rather a regeneration of them. Nyssa is back in Star City to warn her of the danger she’s in at the hand of their new leader, Athena. All this also ruins Thea’s plans of driving off into the sunset with Roy in search of a new life together. Good old Roy is quite patient with her though and decides to stick around and help. There’s more excellent scenes with Roy and Nyssa joining Team Arrow in combat which I found so enjoyable to watch. The fighting scenes in this episode were brilliant! There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia – and it definitely made me miss the ‘golden era’ of Arrow.


It comes to light that Athena needs Thea as she’s the only one who can open a secret map left behind by Malcolm. Even more so after actually getting their hands on to find it’s blank, discovering it can only be revealed with Thea’s blood. The map shows them the location of three new lazarus pits. Thea realises that she can’t deny her heiress duties and she leaves, with Roy to help Nyssa in finding (and quite probably destroying) the new pits.

Also this week Dinah and Curtis begin work on figuring out who exactly is corrupt within the SCPD. Their search puts Captain Hill straight in the firing line and after delving deeper, Dinah discovers that she’s been tampering with evidence. There’s some happiness in their efforts though as Curtis scores a date with Officer Nick. There’s also some underlying tension between Oliver and Diggle due to Oliver being so reluctant to give up the hood again. Oliver reveals to Thea that he just doesn’t want to. Good luck telling Diggle …. There are also some pretty funny moments between Felicity and Nyssa as technically they are both married to Oliver!


Well there we have it. Farewell Thea Queen 😦 I’ve always really liked her character and even though Oliver is now married and is enjoying being a Father to William, Thea was really his last link to his previous life and the only real family he had left. I do think she got a good exit though. She’s honouring her role as heir of the League of Assassins whilst still getting her happy ending with Roy. It makes me happy that she’s got Roy by her side. However, seeing that Arrow has been renewed for a seventh season softens the blow of losing Thea!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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