Arrow: S6E20 ‘Shifting Allegiances’ – Review

Contains spoilers.

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

So even though they’re not a team at all, they’re all kind of working as a team this week as coincidentally, each side takes on different objectives in putting a stop to Diaz’s reign over Star City.

Rene is back home after over a month in the hospital and at first is well enthusiastic about getting straight back to work and finding Diaz. Dinah and Curtis are excited to have their buddy back and the three of them decide that they are going for Diaz’s money. They discover a deal going on between him and a group called The Scorpions and quickly try to infiltrate it. It all goes a bit pear-shaped, but the trio is saved just in time by Diggle. Diggle is doing well at ARGUS and has set up a team in hope of stopping Diaz too. They get word that he’s been meeting with The Quadrant, and set off to track down Lydia Cassamento who we saw last week sitting at the head Quadrant table. This is how his path crosses with NTA as that’s who they have unknowingly been following. They work really well together, and after Diggle apologises for what happened it’s like it’s all been forgotten. Even to the point of him being invited into their team. Diggle also finds the time to offer a shoulder to Rene who ends up struggling in battle due to his fear of dying and leaving his daughter, Zoe, an orphan.


Oliver is on the hunt for Anatoly to appeal to his better nature. A trip to Russia gives him a tip-off and he comes face to face again with his ex BFF. He asks Anatoly to help him in his fight against Diaz but I’m assuming being attacked with a stun gun isn’t the answer he was hoping for. Anatoly ends up taking Oliver to Diaz where they brawl. Diaz adds a condition to their fight. If he wins, Oliver must leave Star City and vice versa. The fight scenes this season have really stepped up a gear, but this one was the best yet. There was no background music playing which really added to the tension in the scene. They both go for it and don’t hold back with their fists. Oliver has Diaz in a headlock and it looks like he’s come out on top until Diaz plays dirty and stabs him.

I said in my review last week that Laurel plays Diaz well, that she’s not scared of him and at times it’s almost like she’s in charge. Well, I was wrong. Diaz demands she sets up a meeting with Quentin (the new Star City Mayor). Quentin goes crazy at Laurel and throws her out of his home due to the revelation that she’s working with Diaz, but when she tells her pretend father how terrified of him she is, Quentin comes round. They both decide to protect each other and Quentin does this by agreeing to Diaz’s request. I just can’t decide if we can trust Laurel, but she’s pretty damn convincing and I think after all he’s done for her, she does have some sort of feelings for Quentin.


As the episode winds up, Oliver is brought into Diaz’s office. He offers a false sense of security by telling Oliver he’s not going to force him out of Star City. No, instead his office fills up with SCPD officers and Oliver is taken to prison, having his bail revoked and his court date brought forward to next week.

We basically have three teams now. Oliver, Diggle and ARGUS and NTA. I liked how they all picked different angles to take in defeating Diaz as it’s like they are trying to bring down the people around him who give him the power he has. Things aren’t looking great for Oliver. Each week he looks increasingly guilty of the charges brought against him and I don’t hold out much hope for him at his trial next week!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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