Arrow: S6E19 ‘The Dragon’ – Review


Contains spoilers.

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This episode focuses on Diaz as he gets ploughs ahead with the next part of his plan. With Laurel by his side, he meets with a man called Eric Cartier Jr with hopes of joining a group called The Quadrant.

Before this though we are treated to a little flashback of a young Ricardo Diaz at an orphanage. He’s having a tough time being bullied by an older kid called Jesse. Actually, it’s more than a bit of bullying as marks and cuts up his arm show that he’s being physically harmed by him too. During the episode he tells Laurel of the bad treatment he received as a child, sharing with her that he’s still very much haunted by his past and that would try to control his fear by naming it ‘the dragon’ and using it to his advantage when he needs.


Back to present day, he meets with an egotistical Eric Cartier Jr who is clearly entitled, smug and very much sent to do Daddy’s dirty work. Diaz offers The Quadrant full run of Star City and now that he’s got all the powerful bodies working for him, as well as dispersing team Arrow. He tells Eric how easy they will find things but the condition is that he wants in with the big boys.

There’s some back and forth and twist and turns but in the end, Diaz gets exactly what he wants! It was nice having an episode dedicated to him. We got some backstory which really showed us why he is the way he is now. The relationship between Diaz and Laurel is actually really good to watch too. It’s funny because she’s not afraid of him in the slightest and he obviously has placed a lot of trust in her to the point where he uses her as a confidant. The episode builds to an end scene where Diaz gets his revenge on Jesse as an adult. Even Laurel is a little disturbed by the levels of violence he displays.


It was very strange not to see Oliver very much this week, and apart from a small scene with Felicity towards the end, he doesn’t feature at all. Curtis and Felicity spend some time together working on Helix stuff and what starts off as awkward turns into a nice reunion between the pair. They even manage to forget about the trouble their teams are having with each other.

This was a good episode with some good character development.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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