Arrow: S6E21 ‘Docket No. 11-19-41-73’ – Review

arrow-s6e21-Docket No-1.jpg
By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Here we go … it’s Oliver’s trial day. You’d better hold on tight because it’s a bumpy ride.

So just about all of Oliver’s friends are called to give evidence against him, starting with Dr Schwartz. We’re off to a good start as she protects his secret identity, followed by Diggle who too does his best to protect his pal. Things take a drastic turn though as Rene is left with no choice but to confirm that Oliver is The Green Arrow as Diaz arrives in court with Zoe after collecting her from school as a threat. Dinah also does more bad than good as she’s backed into a corner by superlawyer Alexa Van Owen.

When it’s Oliver’s turn in the hot seat he does his best to keep calm and controlled. He doesn’t do a bad job in fairness but his moment is cut short as none other than The Green Arrow drops in through the roof. He stands and takes off his hood to reveal himself as Tommy Merlyn. I couldn’t help but feel my heart sink seeing Colin Donnell reprise his role as Tommy again, even if it was for no more than five minutes. Tommy is a true fan favourite and there was so much more I wanted to see from him. Anyway, Tommy claims to have faked his death to protect his secret identity and after feeling tremendous guilt over Roy Harper being attacked in prison after claiming to be The Arrow, he doesn’t want to see the same happen to Oliver.

arrow-s6e21-Docket No-4.jpg

Obviously, it’s not actually Tommy. Diggle travelled all the way to Kasnia to ask for Christopher Chance’s help in saving Oliver. And while the courtroom is left in a frenzy, Oliver and Felicity begin to celebrate. Prematurely though as Quentin breaks the bad news that Laurel has been threatened into testifying against Oliver by Diaz and she’s got files on Chance to tell everyone what had just happened. Boo! We haven’t really seen Diaz get nasty with Laurel but when he doubts her loyalty to him, he leaves her in no doubt of the consequences if she betrays him. When she’s actually called she protects Oliver, even surprising Quentin.

Oliver is called back to the courtroom to hear the jury have found him guilty. Panic and devastation start to sink in until the Judge overrules the jury’s decision and declares Oliver a free man. It’s lucky for him that Christopher Chance stuck around!

arrow-s6e21-Docket No-2.jpg

The episode ends with Diaz killing the judge, stopping Laurel’s attempt on his life and announcing that plan b is in effect. He’s going to kill Oliver and everyone that he loves. I’m sure we’ve been here before?

Great, great, great episode!!!! Oliver truly looked doomed. With just two episodes left things are definitely going to get even more intense than the look of pure rage and hatred in Diaz’ eyes.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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