Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILER TALK)


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno ) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster )

Now that Avengers: Infinity War is well and truly out there, Ben and Robert have decided to finally enter the Spoiler-Zone. Surely everyone has seen this movie by now? But if not, this is your last warning. Do not proceed any further!

You can check out our spoiler-free Infinity War review here, but we are sure that you have already read it! Right?

So without further delay, let us begin…


General Thoughts On Avengers: Infinity War?

Robert: The film as a whole simply delivered from start to end. It was jam-packed with action right from the get-go. There were scenes of hilarity and scenes which proper gave you the feels.

Ben: As I said in our movie review, I really enjoyed Infinity War as an experience, but probably not as a ‘movie’. This was made for the fans, it was written from the viewpoint that the cinema-goer had seen all of the previous eighteen movies. This was a string of moments put together with every character getting their time to shine. I think if you judged this film from a movie perspective it wouldn’t do as well. But it gave me what I wanted to see. Loads of superheroes on-screen interacting and fighting side-by-side. But if I was to compare this to the likes of Civil War or The Winter Solider? Infinity War would be much further down the pecking order from a ‘movie’ perspective. But like I said, I really enjoyed it.


Best characters?

Robert: For me, there was two stand out characters – Thor and Spider-Man. Thor had a lot to contend with during the film. He watched helplessly as his pal and brother were murdered right in front of him within the first 10 minutes. I’m still not ready to talk about Loki by the way.

Ben: Same, I think I’m still in denial! But I agree about Thor, such a strong movie for him, especially following on from Ragnarok.

Robert: He went on a mission to make his awesome new axe and managed to find himself a new eye. I found his scenes with the Guardians of the Galaxy some of the most enjoyable of the film, and especially the competition between him and Star-Lord. Actually, the jealousy Star-Lord had towards him which he was oblivious too. Thor has such a dry sense of humour, he’s quite similar to Drax in the way that he’s funny without meaning to be a lot of the time.


Ben: Some people say that humour is only a recent thing, but you can look back at the first Thor film and he had it there. He’s always been able to deliver great comedy moments. I think in Infinity War they do a better job balancing the emotional drama with the gags. It was too gaggy in Ragnarok. The Warriors Three, Thor doesn’t even ask about them. They just focus on jokes. Here, the scene with Rocket they get the tone perfectly.

Ben: Alongside Thor, I would say for me, Iron Man and Doctor Strange were my standout characters. I will always love RDJ as Tony, and he remains one of my favourites. But here, I thought Doctor Strange was extremely strong. I really enjoyed his solo movie, but here, the character comes on leaps and bounds now that he is not weighed down by an origin story.

Robert: I wasn’t a huge fan of the Doctor Strange film but he was absolutely fantastic in Infinity War.


Funniest Moment?

Ben: In a film with so many genuinely funny moments, I think the scene with Drax thinking he was invisible was probably the best of the lot. Dave Bautista has phenomenal comedy timing and it was highlighted here. It just came out of nowhere, breaking the tension of the previous scene and was something I found myself laughing again every time I thought about it. I’m laughing about it now!

Robert: Same. Drax watching Gamora and Star-Lord having a heart to heart is mine too!


Was The CGI An Issue For You?

Ben: Bad CGI seems to be something that Marvel Fan Boys pelted Justice League over. Yet Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and now Infinity War had some bad moments too. Some of the CGI and green screen used in those movies were awful. And in Infinity War, I can’t help but think about Mark Ruffalo’s head sticking out of the Hulkbuster. It was so bad, they should have just cropped it, or digitised the helmet back on. On the flip side of that, I thought Titan looked incredible, and I really liked Thanos and Ebony Maw. So overall it was solid.

Robert: It wasn’t an issue for me. I thought the CGI worked well and didn’t look stupid or fake.


Did Thanos live up to the hype?

Robert: Thanos was fantastic and the character had so much more depth than other villains we’ve had from Marvel. He’s evil and relentless but in his mind, he’s working for the good of the world and maybe it makes me a little messed up but you can kind of sympathise with him to a degree. He seems undefeatable at this point.

Ben: Yeah, he is the best Villian the MCU has produced by a country mile. (Loki is now an anti-hero so doesn’t count). It’s the complexity and layered fabric of his character that makes him such a compelling villain. He kills, but he’s doing it for reasons that you can kind of understand. I still didn’t like that Captain America was able to hold off Thanos, albeit briefly. But other than that, great work. Quick shout out to the Red Skull showing up! WOW, Did not see that coming.


How Good Was Spider-Man in this tough?

Robert: Spider-Man was just amazing and I loved the iron spider suit a whole lot more which I thought I would. He proved himself to Tony Stark in Homecoming and eventually, he was given a lot more credibility by his mentor as the film went on. The scene where Peter started to disappear, clinging on to Tony was really emotional.

Ben: I think the scene between Tony and Peter at the end of the film was really strong, it was definitely the most emotional ‘dust death’. If it was an actual death it might have been even more hard-hitting.

Robert: Speaking of which…


The Ending of Infinity War

Robert: I found the end frustrating, mostly because it finishes without you having any idea of what’s going on, but I guess you’re guaranteed that in a part one movie. Also, the disappearance of characters who we know have sequels coming out was a bit pointless as we kind of know they will be ok.

Ben: Totally agree. The ‘dust deaths’ are my biggest issue with the film. But I will go back even further, I’d start with Gamora’s death. That whole scene was brilliant, but James Gunn said last year she is going to be the main focus and that Guardians 3 might as well be her movie. So they are putting her next to Loki in terms of “no she’s really dead”, but we know she is already being worked into Vol. 3! But going back to that ending, I felt nothing. I was just like “huh”. Which confuses me when I see people getting upset about these characters “dying”. They will all be back in the next film! Black Panther, Strange… they all have sequels in the works! I think it could have been handled much better.


What Will Happen In Avengers 4 Then?

Ben: Some people will complain about how little Cap had to do in Infinity War. But I think it is all building up to him taking centre stage again in the next film. I think the first part of the next film will focus on the original Avengers. Just look who is left at the end of Infinity War! Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and I’m assuming Hawkeye. That’s your originals right there! Add to that Ant-Man, who has filmed scenes as well. Scarlett Johansson slipped up in a pre-release interview stating there was one scene with all the characters. We didn’t get that in Infinity War, so I think the classic Avengers splash page scene will be this one long epic sequence. This will be all of the superheroes returning from ‘death’ to take on Thanos or the big bad of the next movie.  I also fully expect Cap and Tony to go out together, sacrificing themselves to make everything right again.

Robert: I think that all the people who have disappeared have been sent somewhere and there will end up being two big teams of superheroes who manage to stop Thanos from both places.

Ben: Ohh, I like that idea!

So there you have it! Our spoiler thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War! Now that we can talk spoilers, fill your boots in the comments below! What were your best or worst moments/characters? Let us know!

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