Arrow: S6E22 – ‘The Ties That Bind’ – Review

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By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

The best word I can use to summarise this episode is relentless, but a moment of calm at the beginning of the episode lures you into a false sense of security. Oliver’s plans for a family dinner and a night of normality is quickly ruined as his home is attacked by Diaz’s guys. In fact one by one, Rene, Diggle, Curtis and Dinah suffer the same interruptions as they go about their business. The destruction doesn’t end there either as Oliver’s bunker is destroyed and then set alight. The good news is though that this pushes everyone to combine as one big team again. They put their differences aside, automatically just accept that Oliver is the leader, and get to work.

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Throughout the episode, Diaz’s troupe of faithful diminishes. Anatoly has obviously listened to Oliver’s pleas and is helping him from the inside. Diaz is unimpressed when members of The Quadrant convey their concerns over his actions and he chooses to kill them off one by one. I’m not sure if he’s power-mad or just regular mad but Diaz has become even more ruthless and he doesn’t waste a second looking back at the path of destruction he’s leaving behind him. Adrian Chase was a fantastic villain and gave us the edge of seat viewing last season, but Ricardo Diaz is on a next level.

Team Arrow discovers that Diaz has secret information stored in a USB that he wears around his neck. They realise its importance when Diaz chooses to save it rather than pummel Curtis into the ground. A mission to extract information from it, headed by Lyla, while Diaz is at SCPD doesn’t go to plan and when his very own hacker realises what’s happening, Diaz goes crazy. He finds the location of the NTA bunker and heads straight over. He smokes them all out just before Felicity can extract the information she needs. This guy has more lives than a cat, as he still manages an escape when the bunker explodes with him inside.

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With the gang no further ahead, Oliver asks a very surprising familiar face for help. He goes to see Samanda Watson and she agrees to help but has two requests first. Oliver is left no choice but to confess to being The Green Arrow and is left in suspense about the second, just as we are, as the credits roll.

One episode left and I just can’t even guess what’s going to happen. Half of me doesn’t want Diaz to die or leave because he’s such a brilliant villain, but the other half is desperate to see Oliver’s fist in his face.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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