Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

One of my biggest issues with the ‘Infinity War snap‘ was the impact it lacked, knowing full well that all of these characters would be back regardless for the next Avengers film. Especially when you consider the characters with sequels in the works. So here we arrive at Spider-Man, all alive and well again. There have been some complaints that they shouldn’t have shown any of this. It should all be under wraps until Endgame is released. But why? We know these characters are coming back! Sony have the right to promote their movie, especially considering the release is this Summer.

Anyway, away from all the bigger picture stuff, we have our first look at the new Spider-Man movie. For me, the trailer worked from start to finished. Tonally it was on point, with a nice build up to establish the story outline. The cast is great, and the humour is brilliant throughout. I don’t think the “Peter Parker here to pick up a passport please” is getting the attention it deserves. So funny. We also get a look a a few new suits, I’m loving the new main suit with the black, and of course seeing the stealth suit was a nice to see. One of the main things I took from the trailer was the music. I LOVED the Spider-Man theme. It worked so well in the trailer, and the crescendo at the title screen when it all comes together just rounded off the trailer nicely.

Before we breakdown the trailer, make sure you’ve seen it yourself! You can check it out below:

As always we pick out the TOP 5 moments that stood out the most.

5 Things From The Trailer:


Swift Kick In The Feels

He’s using Uncle Ben’s suitcase. *sobs*

This perfectly executed, yet subtle, moment hammers home how they handled the ‘Uncle Ben’ situation in Civil War and Homecoming. We’ve seen the origin so many times now, that’s why bypassing it and having Peter already at the ‘powers stage’ made these films so much more entertaining and fresh. This whole packing scene packs quite the punch, as you can see he is torn between the duties of Spider-Man and just wanting to be with his friends. It’s that conflict that made the first film have a much deeper and meaningful message.

The Man With The Sleeping Gun


Motherf… it’s Nick Fury! Looks like he makes it out of Avengers: Endgame too!

It’s a classic Fury introduction. Off camera, lurking in the shadows, with the cool voice of Samuel L Jackson instantly grabbing your attention. So it would appear that Nick Fury is tracking a potential problem in Europe, and luckily enough for him he has an Avenger right on his door step to call on. Likewise in Homecoming, I think it’s another smart move by Sony to work alongside Disney and the MCU. We also know that Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) are also in the movie. So it’s just such a no brainer to work in partnership like this. Everyone wins.


Travel Man: 48 Hours With Peter Parker

Peter hot-footing it around Europe should make for a visually exciting movie. We are treated to a range of iconic buildings and locations, and as we see with Tower Bridge, seeing them in the midst of superhero conflict just adds to the scale of the film.

It’s a brave move to take Spidey out of the neighborhood, but I think it’s needed to widen the scale of the franchise. Up until now we’ve only really seen this in his adventures in the Disney movies. The previous cinematic adaptions were also very localised, so heading ‘far from home’ is a positive step.


The Third Element

We know that the film is set to feature “Elementals”, so have we just got our first glimpse of Hydron (water), Magnum (earth) and Hellfire (fire)? I mean it looks that way, though the initial group in the comics featured all four elements, and I haven’t yet spotted Zephyr (wind) in the trailer. Hopefully she is and that they are keeping her under wraps.

It looks like Peter is going to have his hands full with the group of enemies, but he might not be fighting them alone… – So lets move on to my personal trailer highlight!


Jake Gyllenhaal: International Man of Mysterio

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

It’s safe to say, Mysterio is one of my favourite Spider-Man villains. So when it was announced they had cast Jake Gyllenhaal, I was quietly optimistic that they were going to do the character justice. The way he is introduced to us in this trailer was perfect. He arrives in a puff of smoke then gets straight to work in tackling Hydron. What i’m interested in is why. Is it all a set up? Introduce Mysterio as a hero, but with a darker motive? We know SFX is his game, so is this all engineered, but why? The motives are intriguing. They have a lot of scope to play with and it’s very clearly from the little glimpse we’ve seen so far, and on social media, Gyllengaal has really bought into the role.

I have a good feeling about this.

What was your favourite moment from the trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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