Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This review is spoiler-free.

Into the Spider-Verse is the Spider-Man film I never knew I needed!

The main plot revolves around Miles Morales – and what a great way to introduce the character to the big screen. Miles has found himself living a mundane life in a school where he just doesn’t fit in. After being led astray by his Uncle, Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider meaning that his life is about to drastically change forever. Throw Wilson Fisk messing with the multiverse into the mix and you’re in for a whole heap of fun.


I’ve been a huge Spider-Man fan since I was a kid. In fact I would say that he’s my favourite Marvel character. Having six Spider-people in one film was just so entertaining. They’re all so different, all had different experiences but essentially do the same thing in their worlds. We’ve all moaned about Spider-Man being rebooted several times and having to sit through origin stories over and over. We do have an origin story here, in fact we have six but the way it’s executed doesn’t even cause an eye roll. The cast is brilliant and each version of Spider-Man/ woman/ animal has their own moment. Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson and Haliee Steinfield made for an excellent combination. Johnson gives us a very interesting Spider-Man. Broken and out of shape, he’s desperate to make up for past his mistakes to regain his oomph. I hope we get to see this version again. I must say it was equally exciting to see Spider-Gwen take a big lead within the plot. I also LOVED Aunt May in this film, she’s probably my favourite version of Aunt May we’ve seen brought to life. Oh and Kathryn Hahn was brilliant as Doc Ock. The villains are gripping and Wilson Fisk believably acts as a huge threat. His story is well known but it plays out very well in this film.

There are two scenes I have to mention in particular. The action scene at Aunt May’s home was fun and the end action sequence was nothing short of spectacular. I can only describe it as one of those moments that give cinemas their purpose. A real moment in cinematography. Spider-Verse also continues the genius we see in Marvel films of being able to mix big moments of sadness with impeccably timed humour and there were some nods to previous Spider-Man movies which really made this one feel part of the MCU.


There’s so much to love about this film. Visually, it’s stunning. I’d go so far as to say it’s the most visually impressive film I’ve seen. The graphics alone are superb, the attention to detail really adds an extra dimension to the enjoyment of it. The way comic book elements are added in such as stand outs and dialogue boxes literally makes you feel like you’re watching a comic book come to life. There are fun little eggs, cameos and nods throughout which have you grinning. It’s fun, fast, vibrant and the pop culture references and fantastic soundtrack also make it current and fresh. The best thing about this film is that is has opened up a whole new world. There’s so much more they can give us with Miles alone, but we also have the opportunity of films for Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir and the others. Fingers crossed!

I knew I’d like it, but I didn’t realise I’d love it this much! Miles is a great role model for kids and the film as a whole sends out a great, positive message. It’s everything a comic book movie should be and I enjoyed every single moment. Oh and make sure you stick around for a touching little mid credits something.


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