Arrow: S6E23 – ‘Life Sentence’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Here we have it – the season finale. And boy did it deliver! Team Arrow are united in their final attempt at bringing Diaz down and with the help of Agent Watson and the FBI they’re a force to be reckoned with. Within minutes they storm into SPCD and put an end to Diaz’s reign. Oliver reveals that the team have been granted immunity by Agent Watson while this all plays out.

Oliver causes alarm bells to start ringing as he makes his way around his friends one by one, making amends and apologising for his actions. He even offers Diggle his spare Green Arrow suit. His most emotional encounter is probably with Quentin as they reflect on how their relationship has changed over the years. With the announcement that Paul Blackthorne is leaving his role as Quentin Lance, I think at this point we could see where things were going. Felicity is onto him and finds out that the second thing he promised Watson was giving up being The Green Arrow.


Quentin is integral to the plot of this episode. Diaz uses a battered and bruised Laurel as leverage and demands that Quentin gets rid of the FBI. After eventually meeting with Diaz, he is taken to where Laurel is being kept. For a moment Oliver believes that Quentin has double-crossed them, but remembering that he revealed he has a pacemaker in their heart to heart earlier, they realise that they can track the pacemaker to find Diaz. Laurel’s journey has been interesting and she has confused us all by making an effort to be good one moment, and then falling back to the dark side the next. She definitely proves that she does have feelings for Quentin and when he takes a bullet for her, she shows genuine emotion.

It’s a race against time when the team arrive at Diaz’s secret hideout. Dinah puts her differences aside with Laurel to help get Quentin to the hospital and Oliver takes on Diaz solo. Once again, some fantastic action scenes here and the final fight between Oliver and Diaz is brilliant. Just as Oliver has him where he wants him, Laurel shows up and Canary (or rather, Siren) blasts him into a river. Oliver is pissed as Diaz gets away.


Sara Lance arrives at the hospital as the others await news about Quentin after he goes to be operated on. She’s really taken aback when she comes face to face with Laurel and doesn’t really know how to react. Agent Watson follows pretty soon after with some bad news. She arrests Oliver as immunity was granted to everyone but him and just as he’s being carted off, the doctor arrives to break the bad news that Quentin has died.

I truly feel that this episode was everything I hoped for the finale. Great action scenes, emotional performances and seeing Diaz watch Oliver confessing to being The Green Arrow live on tv is confirmation that he’s not dead. He’s been a fantastic villain this season and I’m glad there’s still the chance of more to come from him. I’m very very sad that Paul Blackthorne has left the show but when you look at it all realistically, there isn’t really anywhere else for Quentin Lance to go. The character had pretty much run his course. The end scene with Oliver walking through the maximum security prison and being threatened by the other inmates was crazy. It leaves the show wide open and I’m so excited to see what happens next. I’m hoping that Stephen Amell might drop some spoilers at HVFF this weekend!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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