Solo: A Star Was Story – Spoiler Talk & Easter Eggs


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This article contains spoilers.

Hopefully, you have read our non-spoiler review and have already seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, if you haven’t seen the film yet, go away. But come back after of course!

As always with our ‘Spoiler-Talk’ articles, there is no order of preference to the talking points. They are just a mind-dump to get all my thoughts out there. I will discuss things I loved, things I disliked and talk about possible future storylines. I’ll also be throwing in a few Easter Eggs for good measure.

So, let’s begin!


Maul Of This Please!

I’m starting with the biggest OMG moment of the entire movie. Darth Maul is BACK!

Historically, he has always been one of my favourite characters. Granted this love affair with the character has been from the EU and shows like Star Wars Rebels. But to have the character back on the big screen left me with my mouth wide open. My jaw literally dropped. I don’t even care that they over-egged it with the lightsaber reveal. Yes, it was a little too over the top, but I didn’t care. It was a fanboy moment and I was sucked in by it. I didn’t really care that Peter Serafinowicz because I’m now so used to Sam Witwer as the voice of Maul, so it wasn’t an issue for me. Like I stated in our spoiler-free review, this leaves me wanting more of this storyline.


I Am One With the Falcon and the Falcon Is With Me

I said in my review that I disliked L3-37. That’s no fault of Phoebe Waller-Bridge though. I just didn’t like the way the character was written or her forced dialogue. I found the character rather annoying. Even her death scene, I had no reaction. If anything I was thankful. HOWEVER…

I loved the fact that she becomes ‘one with the Falcon’ because it now brings new meaning to a scene from The Empire Strikes Back. C3P0 has the line: “Sir, I don’t know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect.” This now takes on a completely different meaning because it now infers that he’s talking to what remains of L3-37! This has totally changed the way I look at the Falcon and goes on to explain why the ship is able to do more things than other spaceships in the Star Wars EU.

I guess this means, I sort of, like L3-37 now?


Han Shot First

The film ends with a standoff between Han and Beckett and there is no discussion here in regards to who shoots first. Beckett is constantly teaching Han throughout the movie, so for Han to pass that final test in this way felt very satisfying. It was a nice nod in terms of the Star Wars savvy audience, but it also made sense from a story point of view. So this was a double win.

This was probably one of the strongest scenes in the movie. The acting, the cinematography and story. The film needed a few more of these moments.


VALue For Money

If I had my way, I would have preferred Thandie Newton over Emilia Clarke. As I said in the review, I’m yet to be convinced by Clarke on the big screen and due to weak writing and a so-so performance, I wasn’t sold on Qi’ra. I think Val, in the little time she had, showed much more promise than Qi’ra did in the entire film. I know for the story they told, the focus had to be that way. I just felt Val had so much potential to at least make it to the final act. I think this was another of the film’s missteps. It was a waste.


Name Drop Bounty

We all love a little fan service and Solo delivers this in a very unobtrusive way, most of the time.

We get a fair few name drops from the EU here. The two most noticeable ones for me were Aurra Sing and Bossk. Sings first Star Wars cinematic appearance was in a brief scene watching the Boonta Eve Classic pod race in The Phantom Menace. Most of her appearances have come in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In Solo, Beckett mentions how he kills Sing by pushing her to her death. Thus clearing Lando of his outstanding debts. As for Bossk, Val mentions that he should have been hired for the train heist due to his experience. Bossk first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back as the group of Bounty Hunters enlisted by the Empire to track down Han & co. He has since appeared in numerous EU publications as well as Rebels and The Clone Wars animated series.


Phasma 2.0

Enfys Nest. What to say about Enfys Nest. While I’m glad that Star Wars films are putting female villains into the mix. This just felt like another Phasma. They went for the look, without any real threat, limited screen time and a lack of development. There were some positives though. She’s associated with the best piece of music in the film, the ‘Marauders Arrive’ theme. Plus she had the nice link into the Rebels.

Obviously, she turns out not to be the villain, which means they could possibly do more with the character in the future. So I guess in that sense, unlike Phasma, the character may yet be salvageable.



Yes, the line that had me in floods of tears at the end of Rogue One. Hope.

With the amount of new EU canon starting to work its way into these anthology movies, I am very hopeful that we might see more of it, but in a more obvious way. Like many Rebels fans, the number of references and appearances in Rogue One, and now with Solo leaning on Clone Wars and recent comic books, it’s an exciting time. I would love to see them pull the trigger on the likes of fan favourite Ahsoka and others. Use these movies to pull from storylines and characters from other areas of the Star Wars EU. There is a new wave of younger fans who are consuming all the new Star Wars media. You no longer have to pull from the 70s and 80s material. Hopefully leaning on the newer EU material will also allow writers and directors to be even more creative and bring new ideas to the table. Pull away from the early days of Star Wars, be brave like The Last Jedi and start shaping the franchise to a new and exciting future.

Want to talk Solo: A Star Wars Story spoilers? Leave your comments below!

One reply to “Solo: A Star Was Story – Spoiler Talk & Easter Eggs

  1. I really really dislike Han’s portrayal towards the end of this movie, it simply does not tie up with the Han we meet in ANH. And whilst there are still ten years to go until that moment, the point where he shoots Beckett was the perfect opportunity to have him ‘harden’, having to kill a mentor and his love interest abandon him within 2 minutes should have brought him perfectly to the jaded ‘im in it for me’ scoundrel. Instead what we get is him running over, holding his hand and then blasting off happy as larry in the falcon. It just doesnt sit right with the character at all, and unless they do further films with him (which looks unlikely now) then it leaves a massively character plothole. This to me lowers the film down to 3/5, potentially even 2.5/5.


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