Fantasy Five-A-Side World Cup 2018


With the World Cup in full swing, we’ve decided to hold our own tournament. But which of the X-Geeks will take home the trophy?

Ben and Rich are going head-to-head by picking their own five-a-side team. The players have been picked from all sorts of different franchises and fandoms. But there can only be one winner!

The Rules:

  1. You can only have ONE character from each franchise
  2. You cannot duplicate a character with an ‘alternate/Earth 2’ version (I.E. You cannot have Arrowverse Flash & DCEU Flash)
  3. You must have ONE comic book character (Associated franchises are allowed
    – I.E. Marvel Comics & MCU)

So with the rules read out, it’s time to blow the whistle and kick off!

As Rich won the coin toss, he has chosen to go first.

Rich’s Fantasy Five-A-Side


Goalkeeper: Optimus Prime (Transformers) – CAPTAIN

You’ve heard of “parking the bus”? Well, this is parking the truck!

His sizeable frame can block the goal in either form, while his ‘old head’ will ensure a commanding presence in the box.

Defender: Wolverine (Marvel)

His aggression in defence and no-nonsense attitude makes Logan the ideal defender. He will chase the ball down with fury and take any blows that come his way. Unstoppable.

Midfielder: Quicksilver (MCU)

Blistering pace and acceleration. The opposition won’t see him coming.

Midfielder: Gimli (Lord of the Rings)

Powerful and combative midfield general. Has the stamina to run all day and can put in a tackle to win back possession, allowing Quicksilver to focus on helping out in attack.

Striker: Han Solo (Star Wars)

Shoots first, won’t give the defence time to think. Enough said.

Ben’s Fantasy Five-A-Side


Goalkeeper: Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

He may not pull off any saves for the camera, but he’ll keep that ball out of the net by any means necessary. He’ll take a beating and he will battle to the end.  Since he has his broom and because we want to play quick, attacking football, he’ll be the perfect SWEEPER keeper.

Defender: Green Lantern (DC)

You are not getting past Hal. He can project any object to stop the opposition. For free-kicks, he’ll be able to set up the perfect wall, literally. His speed and agility will ensure he keeps up with play.

Midfielder: Green Arrow (Arrowverse)

Athletic, powerful and determined, all fantastic traits for a midfielder. The key to his success will be his passing accuracy. He will be able to execute precise through balls for the striker. If he decides to take a shot himself, he’s guaranteed to hit the target.

Midfielder: Wonder Woman (DCEU) – CAPTAIN

Leader. Legend. She can take on an entire army single-handedly, so a game of five-a-side is nothing! Playing with heart, Diana will match anyone on the pitch. Her power and speed make her the perfect box-to-box midfielder.

Striker: Nightcrawler (X-Men)

With Oliver sending the ball perfectly into the opposition box, Nightcrawler can teleport out of nowhere to score a goal. No defence or goalkeeper will be able to predict his next move. While the eyes dart around looking for him, this will allow other players in the team to break the offside trap and get through on goal.

Full-Time Result:

You decide!

Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter who you think wins the match!

Also, why not give us your own five-a-side teams?

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