SDCC 2018 Roundup (Part One)


With San Diego Comic Con well underway, we have put together a quick round-up and review of all the big talking points so far!

It’s safe to say there have been some highs and lows so far, and not every announcement is getting the reaction its creators would have hoped for. Fans are divided, opinions are polarised, but then again, aren’t they always?

Make sure you check back for more updates and reviews during SDCC 2018.

So, without further delay, let’s get straight to it!


“F*** Batman”

An obvious attempt to get people talking, and rightly or wrongly it has worked. While mainly from a negativity point of view, its safe to say the trailer for DC’s Titans has made an impact with people.

The overall feel of the trailer is basically “Arrowverse with gore!!”. It’s a bold move for sure. Titans is being positioned as the flagship show for DC Universe so you would think a safer option would to have a series with a broader audience appeal. Yes, you need to bank on those loyal to the brand, but for a more sustainable platform, you need to bring in that audience outside of your safety net.


As for the show itself, there are good points and bad. Starfire and Beast Boy look really good. I’m also excited to see what they do with Hark & Dove. The darker, brooding tone and dark to light colour palette are also a plus. However, despite Brenton Thwaites looking the part, he’s not acting the part. And that’s not his fault, it’s a creative issue. #NotMyDick is the go-to hashtag and there seems to be a general consensus that this just doesn’t fit the character. As for Raven, Teagan Croft is not a good fit. Bad line delivery and a very cliched and generic portrayal. It was all very meh.

It’s a difficult one this. I’m both interested and put off. And the general feeling online is a not a positive one for DC. Shame.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:


Yes indeedy! With Rebels now finished, the appetite for more Star Wars animation has never been greater. So what better way to fill that hunger than with the return of the brilliant Clone Wars series.

This twelve-episode final season will give the show the ending it deserves, after its WRONGFUL cancellation back in 2013. For fans of the series, this should hopefully give some closure and satisfaction that felt robbed from us at the time.


As for the trailer, it ticked all the boxes. It built on the familiar before the score reached its crescendo to reveal that striking visual of Anakin and Co back in action. The added stinger at the with Ahsoka was particularly special. Especially given what happened in Rebels the last time these two came face-to-face.

Dave Filoni we LOVE YOU!

Doctor Who:

While I’m still rolling my eyes at Bradley Walsh, everything else so far looks very promising.

I’ve never been a big fan of Jodie Whittaker. And when the casting was announced, I personally felt like there were better options out there. But, from the glimpses so far, all might not be lost. I’m going into this with an open mind. Over recent years I’ve fallen out of love with the series. Doctor Who has struggled during Moffat’s run, but with ‘The Moff’ now gone, I hope that my love for the sure can be reignited. Good writing, an engaging story-arc and likeable characters. That’s what the show needs, and is something the show has lacked for a long time.


The trailer gives little away, but the new sonic screwdriver might be one of the best to date! I like the larger group of companions and the idea that The Doctor is wanting to rely on people more again. While it’s too early to say, the potential for the relationships and different character dynamics could be the shows strongest aspects.

As for The Doctor and my initial post-trailer thoughts? I’m onboard. I didn’t like Smith and already from the glimpses we’ve seen so far, Jodie has the potential to be a very good Doctor. But the writing needs to do the character justice, Peter Capaldi had to elevate the material on a weekly basis. Hopefully, Jodie does not have to do the same.


A psychological thriller set in deep space? I’m in!

Netflix is definitely trying to push the concept of “from the mind of George R.R. Martin” to try and sell this show to us. But after watching the first trailer, they might not need that as much as they think as a selling point.


There seems to be a lot of potential with Nightflyers. The cast looks solid and the story has signs that it will be a really binge-worthy and engaging show. The darker elements in the trailer are the most intriguing and could potentially play very well on the Netflix platform.

We will be reviewing more of SDCC 2018 as and when more content is released. If there is anything you want to add to our reviews of the convention, lets us know in the comments or on our social media channels.

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