SDCC 2018 Roundup (Part Two)


Saturday saw Warner Bros. go hard at Comic-Con with all their big properties taking centre stage.

While I was excited to see more Fantastic Beasts, I was nervous to see what the DCEU would bring to the table. James Wan is one of my favourite directors, so I knew deep down it was going to be ok, but still, there was that apprehension. The same goes for Shazam. On paper, this is a risky movie to make, so it needed to come out of the panel swinging. The same could also be said for Godzilla, as the first film didn’t win everyone over. There was a lot of potential disasters on the card.

So did they manage to pull it off?

Check out our top trailer picks below.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald:

One criticism of the first film could be that it felt too isolated, they kept it very contained and limited to a few locations. Already with this second trailer, you really get that sense of a larger, ‘wizarding world’.

There seems to a bigger focus on world building and action this time around, and I’m ok with that. Grindelwald’s escape looks like it could be something very special! As for the trailer’s standout moment? Dumbledore looking into The Mirror of Erised and seeing Grindelwald. WHAT a moment. Don’t hold back on their relationship, please. Leave it all out there on the field.


I thought the sting at the end was a little out of place, while it was amazing to finally see Nicolas Flamel on screen, the execution of the scene was not the greatest. Young Newt looks brilliantly cast and Zoe Kravitz delivers an outstanding line of dialogue that is a real tone setter.

There is still the on-going issue of the casting of Johnny Depp. As his character is named in the title you will need to expect that he will feature heavily. Based on all the evidence I have seen so far, both trailers and his live ‘character’ appearance at SDCC, I think he is going to do a fantastic job. His voice-over during the trailer was chilling and his line delivery in the Hall at SDCC was spellbinding.

Roll on November!


It’s nice to see DC and comedy in the same sentence. Don’t you think?

While the film itself looks to be a cookie-cutter superhero origin story, there is still a lot to be excited for. The dynamic between Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer is something I’m really looking forward to. If this fails, the film will fail, but already from the trailer, you get that sense that they have it figured out.

The suit looks great, and It will be interesting to see other ‘superhero’ aspects when they appear in future trailers. The tone seems to be very fitting for the source material and this film could have a wider audience appeal by operating as a stand-alone movie.


They have also have done a good job by being very comic book accurate in terms of set design so it might be the best of both worlds. The humour will be key, and if they can nail it with the second, story, trailer then they might be on to a winner.

Expanding out into different genres and shining some light into the dark now and then will only help the DCEU overall. It’s all about balance, and ever since Walter Hamada has taken over the helm the sip seems to be steadying and heading for a sustainable future.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters:

I really enjoyed the first Godzilla reboot movie. I loved how they used the slow build approach before unleashing all kinds of atomic breath all over the place. I don’t think Godzilla: King of the Monsters is going to be following this blueprint, and I’m ok with that. This movie is going to have an increased global theme and plenty of more monsters! This already feels like its going to be a big box office hit.

The film’s selling point is Godzilla Vs Monsters. We saw numerous classic Godzilla enemies in the trailer. Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan all feature and Godzilla is certainly going to have their hands full! I think visually, all of the monster reveals was stunning. The cinematography looks really good. As for the best moment of the trailer? Mothra’s reveal. Hands down. It was such a beautiful moment, visually epic with a song to match.


The music choice has divided opinion, some feel it was a little out of place, personally? I thought it was perfect. It only enhanced the gravitas of the movie, though I am now desperate to replay The Evil Within

Not only does it look like its packed full of action and big set pieces, there is still that human and emotional aspect, this will be key in weaving all these big scenes together.

One complaint about the trailer? While Millie Bobby Brown is a great young actress, let’s hope they give her a little more to do than simply be an echo of her Stranger Things character. All her scenes in this trailer just mirrored Eleven, and I don’t think that is a good thing.


This was the jewel in the crown for Warner Bros. this weekend at SDCC. All their content put out on Saturday was met with positivity, so it was all down to James Wan’s Aquaman to ensure they ended the day on a high. It goes without saying, they did just that.

As there will be a full trailer breakdown for Aquaman, I’ll keep this last bit brief.

This delivered everything that I wanted to see. A solid plot, beautiful visuals and a unique identity. Jason Momoa was ok in Justice League, but he never won me over. Simply because there was no established background with his character to invest in. The Holy Trinity has that established, and while Cyborg and The Flash were a little more developed in the film, you always felt Aquaman they didn’t know how to use him. Already, this trailer has given signs that I’m finally going to get answers to all the questions I’ve had since Justice League.


While personally, I liked the colour pallet of ‘Zak Synder’s DC’, I think the creative decision to branch out is the right move. Aquaman needs colour and vibrancy, and with that seems to be where they are heading with their other films as well. Rather than calling them out on this like some of these Marvel fanboys have been doing, it should be welcomed and embraced.

The film does appear to be CGI heavy, but so was Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok. If used right, it can work in a movie’s favour. From everything I have seen so far, I have no concerns. Yes, some of the CGI was unfinished but that’s the norm these days. I have high hopes that the final result is going to be really visually pleasing.

This was a strong outing for Warner Bros. and especially for the DCEU. They knocked it out of the park with each trailer. The DCEU, as I predicted under Hamada, looks to be heading in the right direction finally. Hopefully, the false dawns (of justice) are now well and truly in the past.

Which was your favourite trailer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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