Captain Marvel Trailer #2 Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The second trailer for Captain Marvel has arrived and it’s a knock out!

As quick side note, while I appreciate Captain Marvel, I struggle to commit to over-powered superheroes. It’s why I have a slight dislike of Superman and Captain America. They just seem to be able to fix any problem and overcome any obstacle very quickly. Obviously, Captain Marvel is the secret weapon to take down Thanos in Avengers 4, and I am still a little worried how they will handle this. But to be fair, I have enjoyed a lot of Captain Marvel’s comic book runs and love the positive aspects of the character in terms of female empowerment. I think Brie Larson is a great choice for the role and I am very excited for this movie.

So what about the new trailer?


First of all they’ve put things in to context, so punching the old woman for example. That was a misstep in the first trailer. But give it context, the scene works. There were plenty of Easter eggs too! From the ginger “cat” to the, possible, prototype Quinjet, the trailer had plenty of tease appeal for the die-hard MCU and Marvel comics fans. The trailer was packed full story and exciting fight scenes. But for me, I just get the feeling it’s going to be the characters that really make this movie a hit.

While Ben Mendelsohn is the obvious villain of the movie, I can see Jude Law being just as sinister. It has a Mordo/Doctor Strange vibe, so would I not be shocked to see a big Mar-Vell turn coming in the final act. He’s very condescending to Carol, telling her she’s not as strong as she thinks. I like the idea of bringing real world factors in to the movie. The current political and social climate is seeing a surge of female empowerment, what better time to give the world Carol Danvers? Jude Law is clearly channeling the patriarchy into Mar-Vell, and I cannot wait to see Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel smash it to the ground!

Before we breakdown the trailer, make sure you’ve seen it yourself! You can check it out below:

As always we pick out the TOP 5 moments that stood out the most.

5 Things From The Trailer:


All About The Visuals

While most people will probably pick scenes from the back-end of the trailer, one of my favourite moments was actually at the beginning. There’s nothing really going on here, other than a Carol’s Star Force squad walking towards a spaceship. But I just love the cinematography in this scene. The warm gold backdrop with these stunning black silhouettes in the foreground. All these brilliant ingredients make for a visually stunning scene. I loved seeing Ronan the Accuser next to the ship, his headgear and hammer so prominent, yet subtle at the same time.


Who Is Skree?

Marvel are keeping Annette Bening’s character name under wraps, which to me suggests it’s someone of importance, but not necessarily a character with a comic book origin. I’ve seen some comments saying she could be the MCU version of the Supreme Intelligence. I like the idea, but I still think it might be a brand new character, but in a similar vein. All we know for now is that she’s a Kree scientist, and not ‘Carols mother’ as originally predicted. Bening’s line delivery was great, but you’d expect nothing less. I think this is a smart casting choice. “We made you one of us, so you could live longer” also covers why Brie will pop-up in Avengers 4 looking exactly the same. So that was a nice way to get that across to a wider cinema audience. Plant those seeds of knowledge early.


That’s MO Like It!

As I’ve stated already, I’m not a super fan of Captain Marvel by any stretch, but my favourite look of her character has always been the mohawk version. I think aesthetically it looks great and it’s different to what we are used to, especially when it comes to the MCU. So I think it will work very well here. There has always been some division over the hair/helmet. No idea why, it’s hair, why not focus on her as a strong, empowering character providing representation and inspiration for many people? But no, “don’t like her hair”. Anyway I digress. I think the helmet demilitarisation was a nice touch and I always like to see this use of technology, It just works so well.


The Elder Skrulls

I love Ben Mendelsohn. OK, so he’s typecast as the villain most of the time, but he just does it so well. There’s something about him all suited and booted and carrying a weapon that just works for me visually. He’s done it as Krennic in Rogue One, Sorrento in Ready Player One, and now we see him disguising his Skrull form as a S.H.I.E.L.D director. I think he’ll be great as Talos, and i’m hoping that following on from Thanos, Marvel have finally got a grasp on how to push their antagonists. Though the Children of Thanos were a hit and miss bunch. But, fingers crossed.


Carol Goes Super Saiyan

Obviously the big money shot is seeing Captain Marvel flying through space, taking on her enemies against all odds and doing a damn fine job of it. We’ve had a few MCU moments of characters in space, but nothing really like this. I think this film will definitely set up this notion of characters fighting in space without the need of spaceships. Phase Four is going more fantastical and galactic, we’ve been introduced to space in a few movies now, so the pull the trigger on some outlandish space battles feels right. I think it’s going to be a great moment seeing this fight play out on the big screen. I will say though, some of the CGI is clearly still in need of a touch up. Hopefully this will be fixed before the film’s release. The film would do best to avoid a Black Panther style ending, that blotched an otherwise good movie.

So what did you make of the second trailer for Captain Marvel? Has this got you more excited or has this convinced you if you were unsure? Let us know your thoughts and favourite trailer moments in the comments.  


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