Avengers: Endgame Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This review is spoiler-free.

Authors Note: Usually, our reviews cover certain things, even our Infinity War spoiler-free review followed our in-house style/template. But I cannot, in good conscience, apply this formula to this movie. I want to keep this review very basic and not infer too much. For that, come back and check out our spoiler-talk article. So if you still haven’t seen this movie, please, do not continue.

Avengers: Endgame felt like a comic book. That might sound like a strange thing to say, given we’re talking a Marvel movie, but hear me out. This film may be in the style of an Avengers MCU movie, but it is like nothing we have witnessed on the big screen. The main story and everything that followed was an incredible comic book love letter. This film not only bookends the Avengers movies, but it also brings to a close to every MCU movie since Iron Man. That’s not to say we are done with these characters, far from it. Obviously, there are sequels in the works for various characters, but there is an ending here for sure.

For a three hour movie, you won’t really notice it, which is a testament to the pacing and writing. That being said, I did find the first act a little clunky. Not that it was bad or not entertaining, it just needed time to find that sweet spot in terms of the film’s rhythm. As the second act kicks in, it’s nothing short of outstanding. You witness things you never thought you would see in the MCU. All of Endgame‘s big moments are earned, with every character having their moment in the spotlight. And that’s the thing, this was a huge cast. This was everyone. Finding a way of incorporating this many characters and then giving them something to do was not easy. Yet they manage to deliver. No character is underused or is an afterthought.


Speaking of characters, forget Endgame, they bring their A-Game! You will be treated to some MCU career-best performances in this film. While we will all be drawn to our favourites, there will be a good chance you will even be impressed with ones you are not so fond of. I know I was! And I’d never thought I’d have that type of reaction to a certain character. But that’s the great thing about Endgame, it has this magical aura around it that completely engulfs you. The same goes for how the film delivers on an emotional level too. You will laugh and cry in equal measure. Getting the blend of entertaining action, humour and emotion is a tough task at the best of times, let alone when trying to do this within the framework of a superhero movie. But Endgame delivers, and then some! I cannot stress how invested you will be in this movie.

This movie will take you on a journey that you will not expect. Nothing will prepare you for what happens. Even with all the guesswork and theorising in the world, you will be surprised a lot. There were moments in this movie that I did not expect or even would have ever considered could be a possibility. Now, some cynical people might try to pick apart some of the technical aspects of the story, but these things are so minor that they really don’t matter.

Avengers: Endgame delivers from start to finish, with over twenty films worth of story and characters all coming together in one epic masterpiece. Stunning performances, coupled with a perfectly crafted story delivers probably the best Avengers or even MCU movie to date. 


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