Game of Thrones: S8E4 – Spoiler Talk


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster)

Contains spoilers.

Each week, Ben and Rob will look at the episodes best moments, what they didn’t like, the MVP character and what they think will happen next. As always we welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback!

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out our S8E4 review.


Best Moments

Robert: I thought the celebrations after the Battle of Winterfell were nice to watch and it was like after years of fighting and plotting they were all able to have a night off. Whilst it was pure manipulation on Daenerys’ part, Gendry being titled Lord Gendry Baratheon of Storm’s End was quite a moment and something he deserves. It might have also softened the hard blow Arya dealt him!

Ben: It allowed us to catch our breath after last week. We got some fantastic comedic moments, great interactions but we also saw them continuing to plant the seeds for Daenerys going full Mad Queen. Tormund really didn’t help the situation with his king comments. Not to mention riding the dragon! That look from Daenerys said it all!

Robert: We are seeing a big change in Daenerys as she gets closer to the throne and it’s not a good thing. Hearing her tell Jon that if he wants to be with her he won’t tell his family about his true heritage was disappointing. Talk about using sex as a weapon! Saying that though it’s interesting to watch her character change now the finishing line is in sight and I wonder what she’s going to be like in the final two episodes. It appears that she’s losing sight of who she is.

Ben: You know I’m not a fan, haven’t been from the start. I dislike most aspects of the character, but the prospect of a ‘Mad Queen’ could really bring me round to getting on side with her. At least then she’ll be interesting! The whole moody destiny face and “look at me I have Dragons” is wearing a bit thin for me.

Robert: We have to talk about Rhaegal! The second dragon baby to die and it was horrible to watch. Just as you’re coming to terms with that Cersei has The Mountain decapitate Missandei and for me, that’s been one of the worst deaths we’ve had this season. Poor Greyworm!

Ben: Ha. I cheered! I was so happy. I’m not a fan of the dragons and I love Euron, so for me, this was just such a perfect scene for me! That scene on the wall only reinforces Daenerys belief that she has to take Kings Landing by force!


The Not So Good

Robert: Again I think I’m going to upset people here … I’m not overly keen on what happened between Jaime and Brienne. I’ve always liked them together because they’ve had mutual respect for each other. Though neither might like to admit it, they’re friends who always have each other’s backs. Jaime taking her virginity, I thought was nice but I really don’t want to see them in a relationship. Yes, I’m aware that makes me sound like a whore…

Ben: See. This annoyed me too but for the opposite reason. I wanted Jaime to just stay in the North and live a long and happy life with Brienne. End of story. Happy days! I hated that they once again took a left turn with Jaime, and while I get the logic behind it, it didn’t feel natural. It was a little too jarring. And now I’m going to have to witness by boy die…


Episode MVP

Robert: Cersei Lannister. Maybe a controversial choice but she’s put all the pawns in place. She’s manipulated and schemed and as we predicted, she was ready for what’s to come. We needed an antagonist. She has Euron drooling at her feet even more after lying to him about the paternity of her baby and she’s used Missandei to push Daenerys to a place and stance that she shouldn’t be fighting from.

Ben: I’ve gone for the drooler! Euron for me! I love Pilou Asbæk’s portrayal of the character and love that he’s such a bastard! I love this type of character. I find them so compelling. It’s just like how I loved Littlefinger and Ramsay, they are such interesting evil characters. The show needs compelling characters like these. Yes people hate them, but you can’t deny they make the show more entertaining and dramatic.

Robert: Also, let me commend Lena Heady in portraying a character that we all love to hate. I mean, I absolutely hate Cersei and I’m desperate to see that bitchy smirk wiped off her from her face. Forcefully! There’s no doubt that Cersei is currently playing the game of thrones better than anyone else.

Ben: We’ve not seen much of her so far this season, but when we have it’s been worth the wait! I feel she’s going to be featuring heavily next week!


What happens next?

Robert: I think the next episode is going to see more stories wrapped up. I’m expecting to see The Hound confront his brother and to also see Jaime come face to face with Cersei again.

Ben: Yeah I think next week will be battle moments and story elements mixed. So it won’t be as epic as the battle of Winterfell, but it will surely have it’s moments. I’m expecting a few twists and turns.

Robert: I really don’t know what to expect but Emilia Clarke has promised a big episode. I would think the fight for the throne might come to its resolve?

Ben: I think we’ll have a clearer picture of who will be sitting on it by the end of the episode. I mentioned in the review that I was happy that ‘The Kingmakers’ were back having their talks. What did you make of Varys wanting Jon on the Iron Throne?

Robert: Varys is clearly going to betray Daenerys.

Ben: I don’t see it as a betrayal as such, he’s said from day one he’s there to act in the interest of the realm. And at this point, one of the biggest threats to the people is Daenerys!

Robert: I keep seeing so many people say that this season has been terrible and I honestly don’t know where this is coming from? I’ve loved it all and I’m gutted it’s almost over.

Ben: I know book readers are complaining that you can now tell they are doing their own thing and that the feel of the show has changed. But this doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t bother me that a character can teleport from one location to another in one episode when in the early days it would take a character a full season to reach their destination. They have a limited time to get things done so I’m not going to attack the show for trying to speed things up.

So there you have it! What did you make of Game of Thrones‘ Episode 4? Let us know in the comments or on one of our social media channels!

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