Stranger Things 3 (SPOILER TALK)


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster)

Contains spoilers.

The X-Geeks are BACK with another Spoiler Talk! This time Ben and Rob breakdown and discuss Stranger Things 3, while eating some ice cream of course! 😉

If you have not seen Stranger Things 3 yet, STOP READING!! – But if you have, be sure to check out Ben’s full-season review HERE.

So, without further ado let’s get straight into it!


Overall Thoughts of Stranger Things 3:

Robert: I did Tweet that Stranger Things season 3 is as close to perfection as television gets. I don’t really know what I was expecting from it but from episode 4 onwards it was just so so so good.

Ben: I have enjoyed every season so far, but this was a noticeable jump in overall quality from Season 2, for sure.

Robert: I think we had a fantastic monster this season. Other shows and films have got things like this so wrong so I appreciated that a lot of thought had gone into it and it wasn’t gimmicky. The build-up of his arrival from previous seasons paid off.

Ben: I’d have to agree with you. The monster had everything!

Robert: The cast is just absolutely fantastic. Whilst I think they are better when all together, I didn’t mind that they split off into smaller groups for the majority. It did make that scene in the shopping mall when the whole cast is reunited even more exciting to watch.

Ben: My biggest frustration always comes when they spend so much time separated. I NEED more than one episode where everyone comes together! What did you reckon to all the references this season?


Robert: It really felt so much more 80’s than any of the other seasons.

Ben: I get that things like New Coke and the old Taco Bell logo will go over better with an American audience, but I still thought they did a great job in familiarising the audience with the world. The music, as always, was perfect! There was a different feel to the show this season and I loved how they mixed it up a little.

Robert: Having Billy in the upside-down this time made the show fresher, rather than using Will again. Billy has been a great character. You feel conflicted with him because of how nasty he is but we know the reasons why so there’s compassion for him too. I was really sad with his ending but on reflection is was fitting.

Ben: I think I said in the review that my MVP was Erica, which she was, she was constantly pushing the story forwards and being a sassy bad-ass in the process. But for me, the best character in the entire show this season was Billy. Dacre Montgomery crushed it! What an incredible performance. The scene in the sauna? That single tear when he’s trying to fight for control. When El was in his mind seeing how he was shaped from his childhood trauma just added so much more depth to the character. I loved every second of it. I’m gutted in a way that the show has lost such a talent, but like you said, it was a fitting end.


Best Character:

Robert: My favourite character is Steve and he has been in each season. Ok, maybe he wasn’t, to begin with. I love his character arc from being the bully to being the good guy. And I really enjoy his friendship with Dustin. It was quite a special moment when Robin came out to him in the bathroom stalls due to his reaction towards her. He showed sparks of leadership and heroism this season and I hope that continues on in season 4.

Ben: I’ve loved Steve from the beginning, even when he was a total d*** in the first season. I just hoped they would develop his character and they did. I think this has been his best season to date. He will always be my favourite character on the show, but again I have to give it to Billy for this season specifically.

Robert: I have to mention Erica too. She brought so much sass to this season and even though we have met her before, she was a superb addition to the main cast. And she’s right, you can’t spell America without Erica.

Ben: I think it goes without saying now, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF SASS!


Best Moment:

Ben: Ah man, where do I start? There were so many amazing moments this season! I could easily pick about thirty or so! But, with an ice cream scoop to my head, I’m gonna say… Billy saving Eleven. It was the perfect climax this his entire arc.

Robert: The best moment for me, without a shadow of a doubt, was Dustin and Suzie’s duet of Never Ending Story. It broke such a tense moment in the final episode and just made you smile from ear to ear. Cute.

Ben: That threw me completely! I was in a state of complete and utter shock! Haha. I’ve not been able to get that song out my head all week!!


Most Shocking Moment:

Robert: Probably pretty obvious but I’d have to go with Hopper’s death. It kind of became clear what was about to happen when you saw him trapped once Joyce got the machine working but it didn’t soften the blow any less.

Ben: In the penultimate episode I said to Zoe that I think we are gonna lose either Hopper or Joyce, so while It was shocking, I think because I called it early, it didn’t have that big of a shock value. The same goes for Alexei getting shot, it was all set up to end in tragedy. So for me, my pick is something that I should have picked up on but didn’t. And that was Robin revealing she’s a lesbian. I legit did not see it coming, and I loved how that entire scene played out. It was probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire show, full stop. I was initially gutted for Steve because I just want my boy to be happy, but I loved how he instantly turned it into an amazing friendship instead. There was no shaming or awkwardness, they just carried on like normal. I think these two just have great chemistry and I really want them to continue developing their friendship. I need more!

Robert: I was so shocked when I read Robin is Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter! But once you know you can’t believe how much she looks like them both.

Ben: Yeah I had no idea, but like you said as soon as you know, you can really see it! Big future ahead of her.


Low Points:

Robert: I know in your review Ben there were some parts that you enjoy as much but I can’t really find anything I didn’t like.

Ben: Yeah, it was just the flow of the first two episodes didn’t quite hit me. Packed full of great moments and story, but It just took me a little longer than I would have liked for the show warm-up. When it got going though, it was perfect. I think apart from that, it’s only a few nitpicking issues that I’d say I had issues with. For example, I loved Max in the first few episodes, but then she started to grate on me a little. I also didn’t like how they handled her coping with the loss of Billy. I think going from a laughing and joking scene to her sitting on his bed looking around wasn’t enough for me. I also feel they have really pushed Jonathan and Nancy to the sidelines a bit. But these are minor things, overall the season was great.


Who Is “The American”:

Ben: I mean, it’s Hopper right? It’s obvious?

Robert: I know he’s supposed to be dead but yes, the American in the cell is Hopper! Isn’t the fact that he’s referred to as the American by the Russians a big clue?

Ben: It was mentioned for a reason, and I’m happy for it to be Hopper. I don’t think it cheapens the ending or the power of his letter to El at the end. Not one bit. The two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive in this instance.


Stranger Thing 4 Theories:

Robert: Going forward I think we will see changes and movements in the friendships between the kids. Will and Eleven have moved away now and that will certainly have an effect on the rest of the group. =

Ben: I get why they want to split the group up, but I’ve complained in both my review and here that they can’t keep regrouping in the final episode every time. So hopefully, any time apart won’t be as long this time. I think the main theme will be Eleven coping without her powers, with the trigger for them starting to return being the knowledge that Hopper is alive. Talk about a motivation to not only get her abilities back but also to reunite with the rest of her friends.

Robert:  I think I’m also looking forward to seeing what type of alien/ monster we will have next time too!

Ben:  I think with the Demogorgon showing up at the end, they might be returning to a singular threat, like in the first season. If Eleven doesn’t have her powers then it could be potentially very exciting. My biggest fear though is they reintroduce the Chicago/Kali story from “The Lost Sister” episode. I really didn’t like that, but I can easily see her rocking up again to re-train Eleven to use her powers. I hope not though. Oh, and I also think some sort of time travel element is a distinct possibility. Back to the Future seeding us some clues? Either way, I’m already looking forward to Stranger Things 4!

What did you make of Stranger Things 3? Who do you think was in that cell in the post-credits? What do you want to see happen next time around? Let us know in the comments!

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