SDCC 2019 Trailer Roundup (Part 1)


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

We breakdown and review the latest trailer releases from San Diego Comic Con 2019!

We’ll be posting various articles over the next few days or so, hopefully covering all of the key events and promotional releases. We’ll have trailer posts, gaming and poster articles all online by Monday at the latest, so keep checking back here or keep an eye out on our social network channels!

IT: Chapter 2

So the first trailer was an extended scene trailer, with Jessica Chastain the focal point. I tried to defend this by suggesting that we might see further trailers like this featuring the other cast members. Turns out that isn’t going to be the case. So that debate about Jessica Chastain having to be at the centre of everything might have some merit, as this trailer followed the more traditional format.

While the visuals were very creepy, for me these trailers work because of the music. The way they use the music to crank the horror visuals up to eleven is outstanding. I love how they overlay the Pennywise laugh, it never gets old, just more terrifying. I’m really, really hyped for this movie and while we have seen lots of different scenes, if they are set to follow the source material, we haven’t seen nothing yet!


Wow. This first look trailer at the cinematic adaption of Cats is getting a lot of hate online. Personally, I don’t get it. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m a Cats officianardo. But I’ve seen it at the theater and watched the 90’s recorded version numerous times. So I appreciate the property. As for this trailer? Some of the CGI faces look a little weird, but not to the degree of the ‘Sonic’ comparisons I’m seeing online. Some characters don’t even have that much CGI, so I’m not sure what the end product will be like. I don’t feel they needed to go down that route, I think makeup would have been fine, but I’m willing to see the finished product before I come down on either side of the argument.

Despite the negatives towards the CGI, the set design, costumes and overall aesthetic look really good! The cast is phenomenal, though I could do without James Corden being involved. The music was was key to the trailer, and Jennifer Hudson blasting out her version of Memory gave me goosebumps.

I’m genuinely looking forward to this movie. My biggest concern is still how they going adapt the story. I hope that the core themes remain, as that is what makes Cats such a tremendous story.

Top Gun: Maverick

I enjoy Top Gun, it’s a cult classic. Though I do think it is a tad overrated and it’s cult status balances on a knife edge at times from being so bad it’s good.

When they announced that they were finally going ahead with a sequel, I was open to the idea. I’ve always enjoyed Cruise as an actor, despite his real-world creepiness. And riding on the wave of Mission Impossible: Fallout he’s got my money for this film already! I think the cast is solid and it’s good that they have diversified the pilots to bring the series into the modern era.

The trailer had a strong start, with Cruise and Harris interacting and setting the tone. I’m looking forward to the utter bastardry of John Hamm, replacing Kilmer as the antagonist. We get a few flashes of the film’s other characters and you get the feeling that it’s going to follow a very familiar formula. But for me the thing that really made me sit up in my seat and take notice were the cockpit scenes. The fact they are up their doing this just adds to the excitement of the movie. All the signs so far are positive.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

I’m a big fan of the View Askewniverse, and now without a certain producer involved, I feel I can enjoy the next installment with that uneasy feeling.

This film is clearly a love-letter to Kevin Smith fans, and it ticks every box that you could imagine from a Smith film. I think that it’s great that so many characters, that we’ve seen throughout the View Askewniverse are coming back. Speaking of which we got lots of cameo glipses, but I’m hoping that they haven’t given all of them away already. While you can never say never, it does have a ‘final movie’ feel to it. So I’m hoping that they will leave it all out on the field.

The humour and scale of the movie looks really good, but most of all I’m just looking forward to diving back into this world and these characters.

Ad Astra

It’s been awhile since there’s been a science fiction movie that has really peaked my interest. But it’s safe to say Ad Astra had me hooked after the first trailer. Skip forwards a few months and we now get a more detailed look into James Gray’s space epic!

The trailer leaves you with so many unanswered questions and I like that they still haven’t gone into great detail about the events and the wider world in general. They don’t need to oversell this movie. I’m more than happy going into this with as little knowledge as possible.

The moon buggy fight was probably the scene that really stood out for me, as it’s not something we really see. So i’ll be very interested to see how the full scene plays out.

His Dark Materials

I’ll be honest I enjoyed The Golden Compass. I know it goes well off course from the source material, most of the time not successfully, but for what it was, it was enjoyable enough. With that being said however, i am very excited in watching a more honest adaption of this outstanding series.

Out of all the trailers I’ve seen so far from SDCC, this is the one that has me the most excited. I like that this is a BBC/HBO team up, as it means HBO can use their financial muscle to help deliver a better looking product. The CGI looks really good. It looks so dark and raw, I love the colour pallet too. I think the cast goes without saying. I love McAvy and Ruth Wilson is the perfect casting for the role of Marisa Coulter. As for the very important role of Lyra, Dafne Keen (Logan) seems like another masterstroke.

I think I’m more than happy with this being the last trailer I watch of this, as I’m well and truly hyped to just dive straight into the series when it’s released.

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