The Walking Dead: S10 E3 ‘Ghosts’ – Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season 10 continues to impress! Each week the quality is raised and the show is going from strength-to-strength. If it keeps this pace up, this could be the best season to date!

The show has previously run into problems when it has tried to juggle too many concurring storylines. In ‘Ghosts‘, we have the potential for this issue to once again plague the show, as there is a lot going on with a whole bunch of different characters. Yet they have managed to successfully navigate around this usual pitfall and have been able to deliver a multistory episode of the highest quality. Hell, even the ‘Rosita and the boys’ storyline managed to not annoy me this week, so you know the show is doing something right!

As for the episode structure, the main focus was Carol, with Daryl and Michonne in support, with Negan and Aaron in a secondary role, while Rosita and Eugene as well as Siddiq and Dante in their own background sub-plots. This tiered storytelling method worked really well, giving the episode a solid structure allow the stories to do their thing. This was all about dealing with loss and trauma, and they manage to do a fantastic job with some very heavy subject matter and themes.

So what actually happened?


Hilltop is under siege! Waves of Walkers are pouring in from all sides, forcing the residents to go over forty hours straight combatting wave after wave of the undead. I said in the first episode of the season that I didn’t like the title cards, but I’ve warmed up to them now! While our heroes begin to show the effects of the bombardment, one is showing more signs of stress than others, Carol! She is popping pills to keep her from sleeping, haunted by dreams of losing Henry. While Hilltop believes the Walker attack to have been Alpha’s doing, Lydia, is not so sure. Gamma arrives informing them that The Whisperers wish to parley at the border. Once there, the Carol and Alpha stand-off continues. This was a tense scene, and while Michonne and Daryl tried their best to keep Carol cool, they fail, and she attempts to shoot Alpha. Daryl manages to pull the gun down in time so the bullet impacts into the ground. Alpha, seemingly unphased by this, agrees to let this transgression slide this time, “mother to mother”. I loved the intensity here and I definitely think that they are going to deviate from the comics here in terms of the conclusion of this storyline.

On their way back, Carol charges into an abandoned school claiming to have seen Whisperers. This is when the show kicks into horror mode! We see a haunting ‘ghost’ of Henry behind a door, disappearing as Carol turns to face him. She then has a sweet conversation with Daryl about his trucker dad. Chillingly, we later find out that this whole scene was yet another hallucination. I loved this reveal! After getting caught in a trap, Carol begins to gun down Walkers and Whisperers alike. Beliving this to have been another hallucination, Michonne does not believe Carol saw what she said she did. The episode ends with a gunned down Whisperer turning, so maybe Carol wasn’t seeing things after all?

This entire story was really well done and it leaves you with the question of who was sending the Walkers? Was this Gamma’s first solo play? Or was it indeed done by Alpha’s orders? This is one to watch!


Aaron and Negan fill in the secondary story slot and boy did they do a great job! As you all know by now, I’m all about #TeamAaron, and continue to wish and hope that they are finally positioning him to be one of the main characters on the show. They’ve teased it before and it has come to nothing, but giving him such a fantastic character like Negan to bounce off, I feel his character has finally turned that corner!

First of all, Aaron’s mace-hand is totally bad-ass and proves to be very effective throughout the episode, caving in the skulls of multiple Walkers. Gabriel urges Aaron to allow Negan to prove his worth out in the field, with Aaron reluctantly accepting. “Peanut butter, meet jelly” was a particularly great line! These two really played off each other well throughout the episode, leading to some outstanding exchanges between the pair. It was such an intense watch, especially when Aaron confronts Negan about his wife. With Aaron attacked and Negan missing, I was worried about where they would take this plot. But thankfully Aaron wakes up with Negan watching over him. I don’t think this will have been enough for Aaron to trust Negan, but I feel this will be the first of many little moments from Negan that will leave to his full integration into the group. I’m more than happy for the show to take their time with this, let it be a slow burner.

A story between two of my favourite characters for the first time? Of course, I am going to say this was the best part, of a truly great, episode! It had outstanding dialogue, exciting action and both humour and intensity to boot!


Away from the main plots, we have two really good interactions between Rosita and Eugene and Siddiq and Dante. Let’s start with Rosita and Eugene. If you read my reviews on a weekly basis you know I don’t really like this subplot. But I have to give credit where credit is due, Rosita and Eugene were outstanding. Such an emotional exchange. I think the show does well here by addressing the whole ‘nice guy befriending the girl in hopes of more’ thing. At least Eugene has had the moment of realisation and hasn’t gone down the more aggressive path, that in real life can sometimes happen. Kudos for the show for addressing this type of issue.

As for Siddiq and Dante, I was wondering how they would continue this idea of Siddiq suffering from PTSD, especially with a new character. I said when he was introduced that there was something not quite right about Dante, but for now, at least, he is proving me wrong. His story about a soldier changing and suffering from the same condition, which turned out to be him, was a nice moment and even got Siddiq to smile. My interest has peaked in this story for sure, but I just can’t get away from the fact that Dante might still turn out to be a wrong un’. 

Overall, this was an outstanding episode of The Walking Dead, packed full of action, drama and horror. Great character interactions and exciting and engaging storylines all culminated into an enticing cliffhanger. Bravo!

What did you think of this week’s episode? With Carol and Alpha now on a collision path, who will come out on top? Let us know in the comments!

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