The Walking Dead: S10 E4 ‘Silence The Whisperers’ – Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

The tension continues to grow in the latest episode of The Walking Dead!

Season 10 has been going from strength-to-strength each and every week, and even though this is probably the weakest episode so far, it is still a great episode! It has the perfect balance of action and drama while also starting to push some characters down their respective paths this season. While last week the show focused on the horror aspects of the show, this week it was very much about the characters. Some of which who have been in the background so far this season.

This week, we spend our time between events at Hipptop and Alexandria, and it is with the latter that we’ll start with.


The episode title ‘Silence The Whisperers’ was the theme for the main Alexandria plot here involving Lydia and her place in the community. It’s made clear, very quickly, that she is still not accepted as part of the group. She cannot be trusted. She has lost Henry and even her only remaining ally Daryl has other things on his mind. Negan is the only one to take an active interest. She becomes the target of Gage (Hilltop teens), Alfred and Margo (surviving members of the Highwaymen). Gage is known for being a dick, and he teases Lydia with a sack over his head pretending to be a Whisperer. Lydia soon gets her own back though, she begins to cut open a squirrel in front of the group, splashing Gage in blood. The cherry on top of this, darkly comic scene, came when she put her finger to her lip and shushed them. Brilliant!

Her triumph was not to last, however. Come nightfall, Lydia is walking outside alone and runs into Margo, who returns the shush. Margo, Alfred and Gage corner her and begin to attack. Luckily Negan is on hand coming to her rescue, shoving Margo out of the way and breaking up the assault. As more residents flock to the scene, Daryl spots Negan next to Margo’s body, who cracked her head on the wall, killing her. While this was not outright murder, the residents are not happy and the council must act. Now, this is where things got annoying for me. Despite everything that happened last week, they make Aaron the poster boy for wanting Negan to be hanged. I thought they still could have had him side the way he did, but at least show some signs of uncertainty. Taking that aside, and with the vote split, Gabriel has the deciding vote. He says he will sleep on it and goes to see Negan first thing in the morning. Only, Negan isn’t in his cell…

Lydia tells Daryl that she Negan escape, but Daryl doesn’t believe her. Nor do I, oddly. Though I do think its possible that Carol might have had a hand in this, though if she wants to kill Alpha herself, why let Negan have all the fun? It could also be Aaron and the reason I got annoyed was part of a bluff? But that makes no sense at all. So for now, all we know is that Negan is free and out in the wild. Could he be picked up by The Whisperers? Who knows, but I’m excited to see what they do next with him!


Over at Hilltop, things are not going well either, especially for Ezekiel!

A tree has crashed through the wall at Hilltop, allowing walkers to make their way into the settlement. Magna, Yumiko, Luke et al manage to fend off the first wave but the walkers continue to come through. Despite a temporary wall going up, the Hilltop is in rough shape. Is yet another Ezekiel kingdom about to fall? This is the last thing he needs, as he is clearly still struggling with the loss of Henry and Carol. Later on, he is spotted by Michonne who sense something is not right. She manages to talk him down off the ledge, literally, and what followed will split fans. He kisses Michonne. Now for me, I’m used to seeing this in the comics, but I was worried that this might become a new, unnecessary story thread. Thankfully, he apologises and Michonne moves past it very quickly. We didn’t need this romance. The pair have a great conversation together. This was a really strong part of the episode. Ezekiel has been a bit of an afterthought so far this season, so it was vital that we got some time with him to see where he is at.

As the episode progresses, the entire Hilltop group, now reinforced by Michonne’s forces have to fend off more waves of walkers. During one scene, we see Michonne and Judith side-by-side, swords out, slicing away at the walkers. This was such a great scene! It was a visual extension of their earlier conversation, in which Judith showed wisdom beyond her years. As the group continues to battle on, they push the walkers back. But with further repairs needed, Eugene stays to help Hilltop while Michonne tells them she will head to Oceanside to help with their zombie problem. Luke, clearly on a booty call, decides to go with her. With all the settlements facing increased walker activity, is this the first step in the Whisperers plan? Maybe so, as the episode ends with the noise of a heard of walkers near Alexandria with clear whispers heard among the noise of the undead…


What else did we learn this week? Well for starters we found out that Yumiko used to be Magna’s lawyer. The two started the episode ‘very close’ but by the time of this revelation, the two seem to be strained. It’ll be interesting to see what happens here. Siddiq is also still struggling with his PTSD, he really needs to talk to someone about this. I thought after last week he might finally open up, but if he doesn’t it’s not looking good for him! I still expect the show to give us an extra slice of information regarding Siddiq and what happened. Was he made to saw off the heads for example? I also want to give a shout out to the jail cell as it played host to two excellent scenes! The first, between Negan and Daryl, the second between Lydia and Daryl. Daryl was all over the place this episode. I’m glad he started to focus on being there for Lydia again. She is a vital piece on the chessboard right now and she could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Overall, this was a really good episode of The Walking Dead, packed full of tension and drama. It certainly asks a lot more questions than it answered, and while the main story progression was a little stationery, enough has happened to prompt some forward momentum next week! What next for Negan? What will Michonne find at Oceanside? When will we ever see Kal again? Bring on next week’s episode!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments!

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