Black Widow Trailer #1 Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

We’ve finally got our first look at the Black Widow movie!

They are keeping a lot of cards close to their chest. We know that the film is set after Captain America: Civil War and we’ve now had confirmation that ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross will also appear, as per the rumours. We still don’t know who is playing the villain Taskmaster, but more on that later! Other than that, this teaser trailer does a great job in not giving much away, yet at the same time giving us a fair amount of footage. There are rumours that we are going to get a Tony Stark cameo, but I hope that doesn’t happen. Personally, I didn’t want a Black Widow movie, at least not after Endgame. We got the sacrifice and conclusion of a key character. Now we are bringing her back, yet set in the past. Doesn’t that devalue the sacrifice of that final moment a little? This is why I don’t want a Tony Stark cameo, his arc, like Black Widow’s, is complete. To retrospectively add more just feels a little, hollow? With that being said, Black Widow DOES deserve her own movie, I just think this should have been done before we went into Infinity War and Endgame.

Anyway, enough ranting. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check the trailer below.

For me, I love the look and feel that they have gone for. I also really like the dark colour palette, as this makes Natasha’s red hair and the white battle-suit really pop on screen. That being said, seeing Johansson in white armour gave me flashbacks to the car crash that was the US remake of A Ghost In The Shell *shudders*. The camera work looks really tight and the film has a bigger feel to it than I expected.

The trailer’s greatest strength, for me, is the score. WOW! I absolutely love it! That metallic electro-rock note was so striking and in your face. For me, it’s got that ‘Wonder Woman‘ vibe, it just does something for me that gets me instantly excited.

As always, I have picked my top five scenes from the trailer to take a closer look.

5 Things From The Trailer:


Jesus Christ, It’s Natasha Romanoff!

Let’s face it, it’s hard to ignore the similarities to the Jason Bourne franchise. Even the music, that I have already gushed over, has that Moby/Bourne-feel. The fight scene with her ‘sister’ is great. The edit and camerawork really elevate the choreography. It’s fast but calculated, delivering a very realistic feel. The gun swap was a nice touch and I am hoping that this type of fighting style will be the ‘bread and butter’ of all the fight scenes. Keep it real, nothing too fantastical.


Ladies In Red

We get a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ shot of the infamous ‘Red Room’, the place where the Black Widows are trained. This could be a flashback for Natasha or even Melina and Yelena. It could even be a modern shot since the programme is still very much still active. If so, could this lead to a mass brawl of Black Widows? That would be some sight! The black and red really works well in the shot and it is very visually striking. Hopefully, we are treated to more than a fleeting visit, as seeing the brutal training regime up close will add an extra layer to the film and those characters who made it out of there!



I’m a big fan of Taskmaster, and since the only close up shot we get is of them preparing to fire a bow, it would appear that they are going to follow the powers and weaponry to be comic accurate. If you are new to Taskmaster, they basically are able to absorb knowledge and skillsets very quickly. They can essentially replicate the fighting style of the person they are fighting. As they are selling this as a spy-thriller, similar to The Winter Soldier, I think they will de-scale the powers A LOT and make the character just another super spy. You’ll notice I’ve been saying ‘they’, this is because, despite the character historically being male, as they are yet to announce who is playing Taskmaster, my gut is telling me the character will turn out to be female. Looking at the shot above, I still think there is some ambiguity!


Red Guardians Of The Comedy

Johansson is not known for her comedic roles, well, not successfully at least. Add that to the fact that this is being sold as a serious spy and espionage film, the overall tone will lean towards more mature themes. All but two of Harbour’s scenes in the trailer are basically comedy relief moments. He’s naturally funny, so it makes sense to give this role to someone who can pull it off, especially in a film with a serious tone. Harbour seems to be having a lot of fun with the role of Red Guardian and the only negative I have with his involvement is I think he’ll be used as the ‘death’ that triggers a realisation moment for Natasha. I don’t want to ‘lose’ Harbour twice on screen in the space of a year!


It’s The Fall That’ll Kill You

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This fall scene is a mashup of moments from The Winter Soldier and Spider-Man in Infinity War! But it works. Being chased by free-falling enemies trying to gun you down, all while avoiding clattering into debris is always going to be an impressive visual. This feels like it is one of the film’s big set pieces, so hopefully, it lasts a couple of minutes and they manage to transfer that excitement on the screen to the audience.

What are your thoughts on the Black Widow trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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