The Walking Dead (Season 10): Mid-Season Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno ) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster )

Contains spoilers.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead has been a real return to form! Since Angela Kang took over the reins of the show, it has gone from strength-to-strength. We may have lost Rick Grimes, but the show has managed to survive comfortably without his presence, something that felt like an impossibility when it was first announced that Andrew Lincoln was leaving. The show’s antagonists have also been taken to another level, with The Whisperers, building on their introduction last season, now establishing themselves as a complex and terrifying group. Delivering the menace that The Saviors just didn’t manage to deliver.

Ben and Rob sit down to chat about the season so far discussing what they liked, disliked and what they think will happen when The Walking Dead returns in February 2020.


Thoughts On Season 10 So Far?

Ben: My thoughts have been pretty well documented, doing the weekly reviews, so what do you think?

Robert: It’s not a big revelation for me to say that the show has been up and down of late. Season 10 so far has brought the show back to its glory days. It’s been fantastic and so much of it has been gripping. The Whisperers are really believable as the ‘big bad’ and I’m excited to see things unravel now that Negan has joined them!

Ben: Negan ‘joining’ The Whisperers was a high point, and the show has been packed with lots of similar great moments!

Robert: So many people have stopped watching the show and I really urge them to pick it back up – they deserve to see how good it’s got again.

Ben: You can understand the reason why they fell away in the first place, but there’s no excuse for not returning to the show now it’s this good!


Favourite Moment?

Robert: Before I get to my favourite moment I just want to say that my favourite episode was ‘We Are The End Of The World’ – watching Alpha and Beta’s backstory was brilliant!

Ben: If we are doing favourite episodes so far, my pick would be ‘Silence the Whisperers’. It was just packed full of amazing performances.

Robert: As for a favourite moment, I’m going to pick the death stare between Carol and Alpha as my favourite moment. It’s had repercussions ever since and Carol’s obsession with Alpha terrifies me.

Ben: Good pick! For me, I’d have to go for the dialogue between Michonne and Ezekiel on the bridge. It was such a powerful and emotive conversation between two great characters.


Favourite Character?

Ben: I’ve always been a Rick Grimes guy, but I’m also very keen on Negan. He’s been great so far, but I’m going to hold off on saying Negan because I think the best is still to come when the show returns.

Robert: My favourite characters have always been Carol and Daryl and I’m enjoying their relationship so much this season. We’ve really moved past the will they/ won’t they thing and now we see two people who deeply understand each other, have a huge amount of respect for each other and ultimately just have each other’s backs.

Ben: Their relationship this season has had some outstanding moments. When they are both on screen together, you can expect some special to happen!

Robert: I am also a fan of what’s developing between Daryl and Connie and I think she’s a great character. – Is there even any point in asking you, Ben?

Ben: Ha, not really. My boy Aaron. I’m going to continue to bang that drum and make as much noise as possible until he FINALLY becomes one of the show’s top tier characters. I love him. As for Daryl and Connie, I’m not usually one for ‘shipping’, but I am definitely on board with those two!


Most Upsetting Death?

Robert: The death that stands out to me, and will do for a long time, is Siddiq. The whole Dante reveal was exhilarating. The moment the penny drops and, as a viewer, begin to realise who Dante plays out exceptionally. I’d go so far as to say it was one of the best moments of the entire show.

Ben: Yeah, that was a big one. I think that will have to be my pick too! Avi Nash has been such a strength for the show since his arrival. He’s had a terrible time throughout the season, and his death really caught me off guard. Gutted doesn’t begin to cover it!

Robert: We haven’t really seen Rosita do much recently so seeing the aftermath of her having to protect herself and her baby from the freshly turned walker, Siddiq, as well as having to stop Dante from killing them was excellent. It really was bittersweet.

Ben: Yeah, I’m not really a fan of Rosita all the Siddiq-Gabriel-Eugene thing, but she was excellent in that scene. It was so tense. Gabriel killing Dante is still probably the most brutal death so far. All that pent-up rage and anger…


Any Negatives So Far?

Robert: The only negative I could pinpoint is that I feel like there are quite a few underused characters and as a result, we haven’t built any connection to them and therefore don’t really care.

Ben: Magna and Yumiko are prime examples of this. They’ve teased their past and relationship, but without going into detail, Magna storming off and leaving Yumiko was just underwhelming. I haven’t been given a reason to care about them as a couple or as individuals. I think everyone in ‘Magna’s Group’, apart from Connie is struggling to retain audience attention because they are just so far in the background.

Ben: I’d have to go with Aaron’s underuse as my biggest gripe. They started the first two episodes really strong with him, that is what built my hopes that he was finally going to get a bump to being a main character. I’ve just felt he’s fallen away from sight in the last three to four episodes. I’m starting to fear that they are just never going to pull the trigger with him, despite losing Rick and in the near future, Michonne.


What Will Happen Next?

Robert: Will we see Michonne again? And if so, for how long? She’s a huge part of the show so I’d like to think she would have a bigger goodbye.

Ben: I think we will and I hope we follow her journey on the island. But I could just as easily see them remove her from the show and rock up in the final episode with the back-up to turn the tide of the final battle. She’ll pull a Gandalf in The Two Towers. That could also be a way to get Maggie back into the show…

Robert: I can’t wait for Maggie to return!

Ben: Meh, I can take it or leave it in regards to her return. Not been a fan over the past few seasons, HOWEVER, given the quality of the show, as it is now, they might be able to win me round!

Robert: Also, who is the woman Eugene has been talking to over the radio?


Ben: Well, we know that it was Margot Bingham, and if they follow the comics, then we can take a guess that they are going to transfer Stephanie from page to the screen. This pushes us further towards The Commonwealth storyline and one that I think has to be the focus of Season 11. I want The Whisperers storyline wrapped up this season. I think we’ll get more conversations over the radio to establish their relationship and maybe the season ends with a group heading out to meet ‘representatives’ of the group she is part of.

Robert: What I’m most looking forward to is the whole story around Negan and The Whisperers playing out. I’m really hoping it follows the comics.

Ben: We are both the same here, the one thing I am most invested in is ‘Whisperer Negan’. I think they are going to follow the comics to a point, but I think Carol will take key parts of Negan’s comic-arc. I also think Daryl won’t get his rematch with Beta, I think they have decided that it’ll be a Negan/Beta face-off!

So there you have it! Our thoughts and feelings, so far, on The Walking Dead Season 10. What are your thoughts on Season 10? Let us know in the comments!

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