Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer #1 Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

We’ve been seeing the stunning, colourful artwork for a while now, but finally, we get to see Wonder Woman 1984 in the form of its first official trailer!

If you’re going to have a date in your movie title, you need to be able to back it up! And boy did they! Everything about this trailer smacks of 80s America. From the powerful consumerism tones to every element having to be larger than life and playing on that narrative of you being able to get everything you’ve ever wanted. Hell, even Diana gets Steve Trevor back,  so even Wonder Woman is getting her slice of the American Dream! I’ll come on to the Trevor thing later, as it poses so many questions still.

We’ve seen in Stranger Things and the most recent X-Men run, that there is a right way and a wrong way when setting your story in a specific time period. It doesn’t appear that WW84 is going to have any issues in telling its story in a 1984 setting. The set designs, costumes, character aspirations all perfectly fit the time period. I also loved the titles, it was a copy of the early Christopher Reeve Superman movies, which was a nice subtle touch. Katherine Jenkins knocked it out of the park the first time around, and I have every confidence she will do so again.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check the trailer below.

While on the whole, the film looks really good, I have to admit I was not really that sold on the trailer. It’s probably a good job that I am already hyped for this movie because this trailer, for the most part, didn’t do anything for me. I loved lots of the elements within it, as you’ll read in my top five picks, but looking at it simply as an effective trailer, I think it missed the mark. I can’t tell you exactly why, but there is just something a little off with it. It’s like it’s a couple of degrees out of sync. I don’t think the person who edited it has done a good job at all, the trailer feels very rushed and lacks any structure. Again, I have no doubt that film will be brilliant, but judging this trailer for what it is, its definitely a mixed bag.

As always, I have picked my top five scenes from the trailer to take a closer look.

5 Things From The Trailer:



I instantly get the Michelle Pfeiffer vibe from Batman Returns here. It’s probably why they got Kristen Wiig to play the role of Barbara Minerva/Cheetah. Wiig does that awkward comedy so well, so I think she’ll pull off that initial ‘nerdy best friend’ angle that they are going with here. We see her later on in a dress looking more (traditionally) sexualised and confident, so this will probably be after she obtains her powers. As Cheetah is Wonder Woman’s archnemesis, her introduction is vital, but I’m interested to see how much they power her up.  Because let’s face it, Ares is a much more powerful villain, and they are positioning her role to be a bigger threat than he was!

I think it was a smart move to keep her animal-form out of this trailer, and if I’m honest, I hope they keep it as a big reveal for the movie. But I’m realistic and appreciate they have to sell and market the movie. So I’d imagine we’ll get our first look in the second trailer. But it’s a good start and I think Wiig has the potential to be a big asset for the film.


Oh LORD, Won’t You Buy Me…Everything!

Maxwell Lord is the film’s second villain, but it’s still not clear how they are going to use him. They are pulling on his businessman traits from the comics, but are they also going to introduce his powers of telepathy? We see a giant satellite dish later on in the trailer and we see Lord in a machine surrounded by blue light. Are we going to get a mind control angle on a global level? It would appear so! We know that Minerva is an archaeologist, so is this artefact that Lord is holding here something she found? Does it give them both their powers?

Again, I am happy to leave some of the mystery about these characters hidden away for reveal in the film itself rather than the trailers. I think Pedro Pascal is a great casting choice and, like Wiig, should be a very compelling villain.


Who Do You Think You Are?

So, onto Steve Trevor. When it was first announced that Pine would be returning, everyone thought it was, initially going to be a descendant. But looking at this trailer, it would appear, at face value at least, that this is THE Steve Trevor. It’s a role reversal from the first film, as now it is Trevor who is ‘a man out of time’, confused and amazed by his new surroundings. That’s fine, I think that’s a nice idea. But the trailer does an awful job of explaining his presence in the film. You are given no information whatsoever, given that he died in the first film, I think not having some basic hint at why he’s back is a big mistake, it was very jarring. A watch slightly wobbling, that’s it?

Was Steve somehow saved from his fate by a yet unknown force, then sent to 1984? Could he simply be an illusion being projected by Lord? For that to work, Lord would need his powers very early on in the film. We also see him punching henchmen later on in the trailer, so that doesn’t fit that theory. While there are lots of things I think they should keep for the film, they really need to explain his arrival, even if it’s a fake-out, to some extent, because here it was non-existent.


Amazon Airways?

She is the daughter of Zeus, so ‘riding lightning’ is not really out of the question. In fact, she has ridden lightening in the comics before! So again, there is a precedent for this. Yet there is still the possibility, albeit a remote one, that this is a big misdirection! I mean, it does look like she is clearly riding lightening, but is there still a chance that shes actually clinging to the Invisible Jet?

I know, I know, it sounds silly, especially as it does look like she is connecting with each bolt, and let’s face it, the Invisible Jet is a silly notion, but could it be a possibility? Skip back to the shot in the capital, she lassos onto an unknown object in the sky, we can’t see it, but she does attach herself to something and is then launched into the air. The image I used above for Steve Trevor chat also appears to be inside a plane, more than likely the Invisible Jet! So when we see Diana, apparently swinging on lightening, she could, in fact, be grabbing onto the Jet itself. Regardless, this was still a cool visual for the trailer and has done its job because everyone is talking about this part in particular.



Given that Cheetah, in the comics, has recently pierced Superman’s skin with her claws, it would make sense that Wonder Woman is going to need to armour up to protect herself. Especially given how much exposed flesh she has on display!

The armour is straight out of the comic book and it looks amazing! You feel that this will be part of the final battle, as the armour is probably a response to a previous encounter with Cheetah who got one-up on her earlier in the movie.

What did you think of the first full trailer for Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know in the comments! 

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