Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer #1 Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

It’s here! The first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

When they released the 30-second teaser back at the start of the year, it got me, it got me good! I’ve written previously about whether or not we need another Ghostbusters movie, and my view still hasn’t changed. Of course, I want new Ghostbusters content! But I want it done well! I want to see diversity and inclusion and most of all I want to see something that keeps the franchise moving forward! Kid Ghostbusters? I’m all in!

Stranger Things is proof that a mature-themed TV show can be piloted by a young cast, so there is no reason why this cannot translate onto the big screen. I mean, you’ve even cast Finn Wolfhard for heaven’s sake! It is also very likely that there will be a lot of comparisons between the hit Netflix show and there could even be an argument that it’s stealing directly from it? Either way, who cares? This film looks great!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check the trailer below.

I really loved the pacing and tone of the trailer. Of course, it was always going to cash-in on the previous movies, be it by voice-over or the music. But I would argue that this trailer was not just an orgasmic-nostalgia fest, the main focus was on the next generation and their story. I also like the idea of a Ghostbusters movie on a much smaller scale, like set in a small town. You can still deliver an exciting film without the world-ending trope that has been the foundation of the previous movies. Whether things in the trailer are Easter Eggs or part of the story remains to be seen, but one of the most interesting shots was the mine. It featured multiple times and the sign read ‘Shandor Mining Company’. Now, Ivo Shandor was the cult leader of Gozer and the architect who is constantly referenced throughout the Ghostbusters movies. A simple nod? Or will Shandor’s influence finally translate to the main villain?

This is also only the first teaser trailer, so for those disappointed not to hear the iconic theme song, don’t worry. It’ll be there. For now, we have been treated to a well-put-together trailer that has me excited for the movie’s release next year.

As always, I have picked my top five scenes from the trailer to take a closer look.

5 Things From The Trailer:


Who Stacks Books Like This?

“No human being would stack books like this.”

Seeing the Symmetrical book stacking in the background of this shot was great! It’s remained one of my favourite Ghostbusters elements, be it in the films or the video game, which actually explains the book lore even further! These little familiar moments were peppered throughout the trailer but never used as the sole focus, it was perfectly balanced.


Ghost-Man And The Trap

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? And it’s clear that in this movie, he’s going to be that guardian of knowledge for the kids, as he will be there to tell them about the legend of the Ghostbusters. He’ll essentially be acting as the link between the generations, and I think Rudd is great choice for the role.

“There hasn’t been a ghost sighting in 30 years” – This coupled with the footage of the OG crew walking through New York just really hammers home that this is a direct sequel and further removes the chance of possible confusion of where this film stands in the timeline.


Spengler’s Legacy

When rumours started bubbling on the internet that the kids were going to be the grand-children of one of the original Ghostbusters, you just felt that it was going to be linked to Egon Spengler!

With the majority of the original cast set to reprise their roles, it made sense from a story-point, that the hole left by Harold Ramis could be filled with the new characters. From the collection of spores, molds, and fungus to the Proton Pack lying on the table, to ultimately, the Spengler patch on the uniform. This was a very touching moment and did make my eyes water a little if I’m honest. What a great way to pay tribute to someone so important to the franchisee who is sadly no longer with us. I love the idea of Spengler’s grandkids carrying on his legacy of science and bustin’ ghosts!



The sound of the engine, that iconic siren… Man, I love this car!

It remains one of my favourite vehicles in cinema history and to see the original Ecto-1 driving around again fills me with a whole bunch of feels! I’m not sure how old Trevor is supposed to be in this movie, but if this is going to lead up to them re-forming a version of the Ghostbusters, then he’s going to have to age a few years to be able to drive the car legally! This is another reason why I feel the plan is to make this movie and possible sequels more low-key events. It wouldn’t make sense to see a bunch of kids running around New York with Proton Packs strapped to their backs, remember how heavy they are? I’m more than happy for the franchise to re-adjust itself with a younger cast and go from there. We’ve had three movies and one killer video game with adults, let the kids have a go!


Extreme(ish) Ghostbusters

Well not quite…

As much as I would love for there to be a live-action adaption of Extreme Ghostbusters, having an even younger group of Ghostbusters will fill that void in the meantime! I think the idea of a young bunch of Ghostbusters is a great idea. If this movie is a hit, you can crank out multiple films with a new generation. I’ve always said I wanted a mixed team of Ghostbusters, and if you also include the girl Trevor is talking to at the start of the trailer, the next-gen would also have a more diverse look to it. Representation matters and the film seems to get that.

This trailer gives off the vibe that Mckenna Grace is leading the charge, as all of the ‘Ghostbusting’ reveals, apart from the Ecto 1, were centred around her. She was the first one we see with a P.K.E. Meter and the first one to touch AND fire a Proton Pack! She looked totally badass sitting in the side-chair turret trying to take down a ghost!

What did you make of the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Let us know in the comments!

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