The Walking Dead: S10 E15 ‘The Tower’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

This episode builds up to the season 10 finale brilliantly!

Paola Lazáro may have only made her debut on the show last week as Princess, but she’s already become a highlight of the entire season for me. As Ezekiel, Eugene and Yumiko cast doubt over her friendly, excitable personality she does her best to prove that she can be trusted. When questioned why she’s called Princess, she claims that calling herself Queen would make her sound old and pretentious and this makes it a little bit funny when Ezekiel introduces himself. After scaring away their horses by shooting at walkers with a machine gun, she promises that she can take them somewhere with plenty of vehicles and weapons. However, in a bid to form friendships with them she takes them the long way and ends up walking them through a minefield. Explosions aren’t they only things revealed as this becomes a minefield of emotions. She tells them how she’s been alone for around a year and how after being told how unloveable she is in her previous life, resigned herself to the fact that it must be true. Even though she may be a few bananas short of a bunch (thank you Eugene), the group reach out their hand to her and ask her to join them. Even the stone cold Yumiko takes a liking to her. I’m not sure she will be so happy about their offer when she sees what’s waiting for them at home!


Emotions are also running high for Lydia who just doesn’t really know how to feel after her mother’s death. When being comforted by Judith, she claims that she’s not upset but that changes when she’s approached by Negan. She’s angry. She’s really angry and even though she wants to hate her, naturally she’s devastated. It was great to see this softer side to Negan as he goes out of his way to make sure that Lydia is eating and eventually allows her to use him as a punch bag.

Judith asks Daryl to take her out training and while teaching her hunting skills they stumble across a Whisperer who has left the pack. After questioning her gets him nowhere apart from discovering that Beta is on his way, Daryl kills her and Judith is really upset that they just leave her body there. Once again, Cailey Fleming shows off some fantastic acting skills as she finally tells Daryl that Michonne isn’t coming home. Although she leaves out the finer details of Rick still being alive, she’s scared that people like him who have been left to look after her are going to leave her. Carol also has a little breakdown as she offers to go on a side mission with Kelly. Awkward to begin with, Carol eventually addresses the elephant in the room and apologises for what happened to Connie. Kelly uses this to give Carol a much needed boost by telling her that they’ve all heard the stories of her bravery, that she’s a lone wolf who is prepared to do what it takes and this is her superpower, as Kelly’s hearing impairment is for her. I really loved this scene and loved to hear how stories of Carol’s travels are told among the newer members of the group, like old folklore.


Beta has formed quite the army and heads to Hilltop to find there’s no one home. Beta is going crazy. Or should I say crazier? Voices in his head are what’s keeping him going and fuelling the fire of hatred he has inside. Arron and Alden remained at Hilltop and while hiding, warn the rest of the group that Beta is on his way. They follow the hoard of walkers but end up being caught by The Whisperers which in turns means that Beta discovers the groups top secret hideaway. The episode ends with just hundreds of walkers infiltrating their new home and Gabriel interrupts Daryl and Judith’s bonding by telling him to get back. They’re surrounded!!!

An episode full of high emotions takes a terrible turn and it looks like our friends have got a hell of a fight on their hands in the season finale.

NOTICE: With no finale next week, myself and Rob will be putting out another Spoiler Talk chat talking about all the events since the show’s return from the mid-season break. So make sure you look out for that next week! (Also, WE LOVE YOU PAOLA LAZARO!) – Ben

What did you make of the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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