The Walking Dead (Season 10): Lockdown Chat


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno ) & Robert Ernest (@thatRobster )

Contains spoilers.

With the World in lockdown, it’s going to be awhile before The Walking Dead Season 10 finale reaches our screens!

But instead of our usual weekly review, Ben and Rob have sat down to talk about all the events since the show returned from it’s mid-season break!

The following chat contains Season 10 spoilers as well as spoilers from the finale teaser trailer. Enjoy!

Ben: Before we start, I just want to start by saying a big thank you to Rob for filling in, writing the reviews, for the past three weeks. I could not have done it without you Rob!

Robert: It’s an honour to be part of X-Geeks and I love the show, so while you’ve been out saving the world it’s been a pleasure to help out!

Ben: You are too kind. Now, on to why people have actually clicked that link, The Walking Dead, Season 10!


Alpha – Are You Satisfied?

Robert: Overall, I thought Alpha’s arc played out really well. Her death was brilliant because it was out of the blue and so unexpected. Even though we saw another side to her when she shared a moment of passion with Negan, right until her last moment she was evil incarnate and I was so shocked that she was about to kill Lydia.

Ben: While the outcome did not surprise me, as I always thought they would follow the comics, the timing of it did. I thought she would be killed in the final episode, thus closing the chapter on The Whisperers. I clued on when they started doing the edits between the cabins, I assumed they were doing the fake out. But the end result was still the same. It was a stunning performance by both Morgan and Morton.

Robert: Sam Morton was absolutely incredible though and I’ll miss that feeling of impending doom she brought.

Ben: I know there has been some mockery of her accent at times, I’m one of them – albeit in a playful way, but I think Samantha has been incredible sine she joined the show. For me, she has been the show’s best villain so far and I think her impact on the show is there for all to see. She will be missed, but the time was right.


Most Enjoyable Moment?

Ben: When the show started dipped for a few seasons, this was an easy question answer, as the good bits were few and far between at times. But this season it has been so good it’s difficult to pick just one!

Robert: Exactly! There hasn’t been an episode I haven’t enjoyed! But rather than a moment I would pick Michonne’s final episode as my favourite.

Ben: That’s a fair shout, it was a tremendous episode and performance.

Robert: She’s been an incredible character and to see her go is a shame and a really big hit for the show to take. They gave her a really great exit which explored her past, reminded us how badass she is and then looked to her future as she decides to try and find Rick.

Ben: Again I can only echo all of that! What a journey, and it isn’t over yet!

Robert: What about you?

Ben: For me? It has to be Daryl and Negan chatting on that log after attacking the Whisperers. Despite them being kept apart most of the time, their interactions have always been amazing. There was a tremendous subtlety in both their performances, yet it was significantly powerful, it was a monumental moment. And of course, I don’t expect them to become best friends, but there are the hints of an understanding, regardless of their dark and bloody history. Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been dynamite all season long!


Who Has Been Your Favourite Character?

Ben: Up until a few weeks ago I thought my favourite character so far was locked down, but there a late contender appeared out nowhere!

Robert: I think I can guess…

Ben: Yeah… I think I’m a little bit in love with Paola Lázaro! I actually like Princess in the comics, but I know she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Her performance has gone beyond what I could have ever imagined for the character and I really hope she is now a staple of the showing going forwards. BUT, as much as I love her, I’m going to stick with my first pick and that is Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been outstanding and has delivered every single time.

Robert: I’m always torn between two, but if pushed for a decision, Carol will always be my favourite. There’s been so much going on with her this season and even though there are times where she really does the wrong thing, it just makes her even more human. Her flaws are what make her character so likeable and so relatable.

Ben: There have been some story decisions that I don’t think have helped her character at times, but you cannot argue with the performance. Especially the scenes between her and Daryl.

Robert: I love their connection! It’s like the heart of the show.


What Do You Expect To Happen In The Finale?

Robert: Well Beta is about to unleash all types of hell on them so I am expecting an extremely tense final episode!

Ben: Me too! I think we all know that Beta will be defeated, but I still think they will make our characters work and earn the victory. I know we’ve both watched the trailer, so what about THAT character returning to the show?

Robert: We saw Maggie receive a letter in the trailer. I’m not sure if she will make it back in time to help them but I love Maggie and I can’t wait to see her back.

Ben: I know you do, haha. I’ve never been a fan and was relieved when she left, but I think there has been a long enough gap now were I think I’m ready to have her back! But she better bring Kal with her! The show needs Kal back! So long as they don’t bring him back just to kill him off!

Robert: I’m expecting a death and my guess would be Ezekiel.

Ben: I think we are both in agreement on that! It seems like the natural step and a way of having a big character death for extra impact. I also have a slight suspicion Gabriel could also meet a similar fate, based on the emphasis around him in the trailer. I’m hoping that there is also some Commonwealth involvement, even if its a minor role. That is where I think we are going after The Whisperers. Now I guess we just have to wait and see!

So there you have it! Our thoughts and feelings, so far, on The Walking Dead Season 10. What are your thoughts on the second half of Season 10? Let us know in the comments!

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