Project Power Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review is spoiler-free.

Imagine being able to take a pill which gives you super powers for 5 minutes. Only you don’t know what your power would be and what effect it would have on you. Would you take it??? Erm … obvs!!!

You have to thank Netflix for keeping us entertained with great new content during a time where so much as been delayed. Project Power is the latest addition to the highly populated genre of superhero film and television. It brings a new take on it though, with people gaining powers for a very limited amount of time, through taking a pill and as the story unravels you’re presented with the concept of humans reproducing with the effects of these pills in their system, thus creating a new generation of people living with mutilated genes. This film could almost act as an X-Men origins story.

One thing that pulls you in is it’s great cast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the combination of him and Jamie Foxx is a film duo I never knew I needed. Both come together to prevent the distribution of the power pill for different reasons. Art (Jamie Foxx) takes a more personal journey. We learn that the pill doesn’t have a great effect on him but once we get to see it, it’s quite spectacular. Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a cop fighting to protect his city of New Orleans and isn’t afraid to complicate his professional ethics by relying on the pill to get the job done. Throw in Dominique Fishback as sassy school girl come street dealer, Robin, and I felt like we were given a team that I’d be quite excited to see again and again. Dominique really stands out throughout the film and completely enhances the performances of the cast she shares scenes with.

Yes, it may not be the most original idea for a film but who isn’t happy to have an enjoyable few hours of escapism during lockdown in 2020!? Visually it’s rather slick and the soundtrack really compliments the tone of the film. It’s concept of a superpower pill is conveyed realistically, being dealt on the streets as well as manipulated by the big fishes and some of the powers we got to see were pretty awesome.

The prospect of a sequel presents so many possibilities that I hope someone out there is already working on one.

Project Power is streaming now on Netlfix.

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