DC FanDome Digest #1

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch every single second of DC FanDome, thus unable to try to “break” the news either on our website or via Twitter. So I’m going to leave that to the good (and hardworking) folks over at Get Your Comic On and We Have A Hulk.

Instead, I will be putting together these digests after the event and giving my reaction to the announcements, trailers, posters etc. If you are still reading this and are interested as to my thoughts on the pre-event teasers, then look no further!

While the event hasn’t even started yet, we have already been treated to some pre-event teasers!

The Batman (Posters)

Oh boy, are these a thing of beauty or what!

Everything that we’ve seen so far from Matt Reeves’ The Batman has given me nothing but joy and excitement. Now we have gotten our first look at the new logo. I love the use of the red with the scratches across the text. The addition of the sketched-look bat within the symbol just reinforces the comic book aesthetic they are trying to achieve.

As for the poster? It’s drawn by Jim Lee, so already it’s an instant win! We’ve seen this imagery before, Batman overlooking the city of Gotham. The grotesque he is standing on gives you that Arkham feel. Love it!

Affleck & Keaton Join The Flash!

According to Vanity Fair, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are set to reprise their roles as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash.

We already knew that they would be pulling from Flashpoint Paradox so adding multiple Bats’ into the mix is only going to help the wider appeal of the movie, which I think at this stage The Flash needs.

This movie will be a great way for the DC films to cement their approach of having a multiverse rather than the more contained and interconnected MCU. This allows them to continue to produce a range of different movies, which can all differ in tone – I.E. The Joker and Shazam, yet still have a way of linking these movies should they need to for storytelling purposes.

While it will be great to see Keaton back underneath the cowl, for me the big news is the return of Ben Affleck to the role. I LOVED his Batman and Bruce, in fact, I think he’s my favourite live-action adaption to date (though my gut feeling tells me Patto is going to put that to the test!). The man himself loves Batman, citing the reason he chose to play Daredevil was that he never thought he would get the chance to prowl the streets of Gotham, so chose New York as the nest best thing. Even if this is a one-off, I think it will be a special cinematic moment, and it will allow Affleck to sign off on his own terms.

Justice League Teaser Trailer

Zack Snyder has teased fans with a new look at the upcoming Snyder Cut trailer for the Justice League. While it is only brief, it is just keeping the fires burning nicely for fans in preparation when the movie turned mini-series is released on HBO Max.

My take from this brief teaser is it is great to see Ray Fisher as in his American Football period as well as the crew turning up to Supes’ memorial at night, as it was intended!

Sadly for us in the UK, as it stands we have a long wait ahead of us before we get to see the Snyder Cut!

NEW Wonder Woman Photo

With a new trailer set to be released during DC FanDome this weekend, they are whetting our appetite with a new photo from Wonder Woman 1984 featuring Gal Gadot ( Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor).

The image gives little away, but serves as a reminder that we have this really exciting DC film just around the corner! I hope that, while Batman will be a big part of this weekend’s event, that Wonder Woman and other female-centric properties are given their time to shine. DC and Warner have a great chance to plant a big flag in the ground, and I hope that we see plenty of diversity and inclusivity during the panels and the content on display. The schedule so far would suggest this is set to be the case.

Click Here for the full DC FanDome schedule.

Stay tuned at xgeeks.co.uk or on Twitter for the next DC FanDome Digest!

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