The Boys: Season 2, Episodes 1-3 (Review)

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

The boys are back in town and boy is it great to have them back. It’s just a shame we only get 3 episodes and then have to wait weekly for the rest of the season to air. These episodes don’t hold back and you’re pretty much reminded how brutal the show is from the very start as we watch Black Noir take on a mission against terrorists, whilst not lacking in its dark humour during Translucent’s funeral.

The Boys are public enemy number one after Billy is framed for Madeline Stillwell’s murder, meaning he’s gone into hiding and Hughie is in charge. Kimiko is brought right to the forefront as she discovers how to find her brother. He too has powers – awesome powers – and their relationship is one of the biggest pulls of these episodes. Billy does return by the end of the first episode and you instantly realise how badly you missed him as the profanities leaving his mouth within the first 5 minutes of him being on screen are very impressive. Whilst being a little awkward, Hughie is still working with Starlight to expose Vought. This introduces a new character, Gecko who has an interesting use for his power.

Where do we even begin with The Seven? Their disfunction is magnified with the arrival of Translucent’s successor, Stormfront. She’s … erm … sassy? And it’s not long before she puts Homelander’s nose out of joint. She fits in perfectly. Homelander has his focus elsewhere though as he begins to force a relationship with his son, Ryan. He’s hell-bent on helping Ryan realise his great powers and has some questionable techniques in drawing them out. There just aren’t words good enough to describe how fantastic Antony Starr is as Homelander.

The Deep’s personal situation goes from bad to worse but he’s saved by another hero called Eagle the Archer. He’s subjected to therapy which isn’t really therapy and has a breakthrough. We did see a very dark side of him in season 1 but we did learn that there were underlying issues which caused his hideous actions. It looks like he’s on a path of redemption and episode 3 gives us a moment which gives that dolphin scene a run for its money. He’s just not very good at his job though, is he! We also learn a little more about Queen Maeve’s past which I imagine will be explored more as the season goes on. A-Train’s return to the team causes Starlight a big issue as they clash instantly due to his discovery surrounding her relationship with Hughie. It’s also pretty clear he’s not fully recovered and is in no rush to make any change in his lifestyle.

As much as I enjoyed each episode I would have to give episode 3 a big huge 10/10. News of CompoundV breaks and this, of course, creates a big problem which leads to our first confrontation between The Seven and The Boys. I really hope we get more scenes were all members of The Seven are together. There must have been about 20 minutes where you just don’t want to blink in case you miss anything. Incredible! And to think this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see what else Season 2 has to offer.

What did you think of the first 3 episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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