The Boys: Season 2, Episode 8 – Finale (Review)

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

After last week’s explosive ending a state of national emergency is declared and plans for the release of CompoundV to build an army of supes are greenlit. Oh, and the reasons for Hughie’s obsession with Billy Joel are finally revealed!!!

I’ve wanted to see something bad happen to Stormfront and I felt her story arch was fully satisfying. I especially liked that everyone she has specifically wronged throughout the season had the chance to throw a punch, whether it was physically or metaphorically. Her downfall begins as her secret Nazi past and exact details of her Vought links are proudly exposed thanks to A-Train. The theme of girl power has run through this season with her introduction and after being interrupted from playing happy families with Homelander and Ryan the best scene in this episode had to be the fight she has with Starlight, Kimiko and Queen Maeve. Seeing Hughie, Frenchie and Mothers Milk watch on in awe magnified how powerful it was.

It doesn’t end there for her either. Desperate to get Ryan back after Billy and Becca save him, she tries throwing her weight around again. This is the final showdown and as Stormfront threatens his mother’s life, Ryan makes good use of his powers. Ryan is a good kid and although his personality seemed to start changing last week, the reality of the real world doesn’t make him as happy as he thought. I have to say I liked the twist of Ryan being responsible for Becca’s death. From what we hear Stormfront was a shy, nice kid who accidentally killed his ‘mother’ too and perhaps this will be a catalyst to seeing a turn in Ryan’s path. As sad as Becca’s final scenes are the comical satisfaction of watching Stormfront sizzle balance it out. Did Anakin Skywalker spring to anyone else’s mind???

So by the end of the episode, we have a resolution. However, there are little seeds planted for season 3. The members of The Boys are cleared of all crimes and we see them disperse as they move on to pastures new. I stan for Frenchie and Kimiko’s relationship and I found it touching to see him using her special sign language to communicate with her. A-Train is let back into The Seven and The Deep doesn’t react well when he isn’t. I’m kind of hoping this is the start of him acting up again. Homelander addresses the public blames Stormfront for all the bad stuff that recently happened and Starlight is redeemed. He finishes off a bad day with an angry wank overlooking the city. This could be the first time we’ve seen him lose all authority and power. The person responsible for the exploding heads is revealed – and it’s a shocker.

I absolutely loved season 2. The only complaint I have is that it was over too soon. Such an incredible cast and a story which is full of humour, action, bad language and violence made each and every episode so enjoyable. I want more. Now!!!

What did you think of the finale of The Boys Season 2? Let us know in the comments!

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