Blood of Zeus Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review is spoiler-free.

When you promote Blood of Zeus as ‘from the makers of ‘Castlevania’, you immediately have my interest!

Blood of Zeus may be a short series, but they certainly pack a lot of character development and world building into the first season’s 8 episode run. None of this felt rushed, and all the emotional beats hit the mark, which is a testament to the writing and pacing of the show.
The overtly sexualised imagery and, more importantly, consent issues that sometimes plague anime is, gladly, not found here. A plus side of the series being created by an American studio! The design of the characters and environments is fitting with the in-house style of Powerhouse Animation and they are really establishing a very pleasing visual style.

While a lot of the characters in Blood of Zeus are well known mythical Greek figures, our hero Heron (Derek Phillips) is a completely original character created for the show. I am glad that they went down this route over inserting an already established name into the lead role. This would have hindered and restricted the character to any already established lore. This way, they can have greater control of the characters in the show, supplementing them with the likes of Zeus, Hera and Poseidon for familiarity. Heron is supported by the Amazon warrior Alexia (Jessica Henwick ), who from the off, shows her fighting prowess solidifying her very early on as one of the show’s key characters. There are many characters packed into this show, from humans to demons to creatures and gods. This really helps with the scale of the show and leaves open countless possibilities in ways the show could take its characters.

With a planned second season in the planning stages, it is safe to say that Netflix are on to another winner with Blood of Zeus and further solidifies Powerhouse as one of the rising stars in the world of animation.

Blood of Zeus is a unique and authentic story of good versus evil, set in a new and refreshing setting. Slick animation, a compelling story and fleshed-out characters are just a few of the reasons why you should quickly add Blood of Zeus to your Watch List!

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