WandaVision – Episode 5 Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This review contains spoilers.

Wanda banishing Monica from the Hex (thanks Darcy) and sending her back to the real world was a huge mistake and threads continue to unravel further as Wanda is slowly loosing control.

Heading into the 80’s and a Full House type sitcom this week (with another excellent theme tune), Wanda is beginning to become complacent and is using her powers publicly. Prompted by Agnes fluffing her lines, Vision is becoming suspicious and this episode mainly shows his suspicions and frustrations grow as he discovers that Wanda is controlling Westview but can’t remember anything before living there. We also get to know their kids a bit better and see them age quickly depending on what’s needed for the story.

Back at the SWORD base, Monica joins dream team Jimmy and Darcy and makes a few discoveries of her own. One being that Wanda is using grief to control the minds of Westview’s residents which kind of puts a new perspective on Wanda’s actions. We also get a bit more backstory when we see footage of Wanda breaking into SWORD and stealing Vision’s corpse. Poking and prodding from SWORD and a silly decision from Director Hayward brings Wanda out of the illusion to warn them all to leave her alone.

The big moment this week comes after a knock at the door. We’ve been teased, we wanted it, we hoped … Pietro (with a difference). I loved this and I thought for a minute they were going to keep us waiting until next week for the reveal. Pietro is alive and yes Darcy is right, she recast him. Well sort of. Evan Peters reprises his version of Pietro Maximoff from The X-Men movies. This is HUGE! The first time we’ve had anyone from X-Men featured in the MCU and I am ecstatic to finally have them included in this world.

I love that this show is not a separate property and that it’s completely linking to everything we’ve seen before as well as setting up what’s to come. So far it’s been well worth the wait and it’s proving a great start of Marvel’s next phase.

What did you make of this latest episode of WandaVision? Let us know in the comments.

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