WandaVision – Episode 6 Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This review contains spoilers.

It’s Halloween in Westview and as we move into a 90’s Malcom in the Middle themed episode we experience the fun and terror that this holiday brings.

I’ve spent the whole week (not so) patiently waiting for this episode after the huge reveal of Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff knocking on Wanda’s door. He was brilliant this week and completely gave us his version of Quicksilver. The fact that he looks different was addressed and actually it was comical as Wanda questions what happened to his accent and he fires the question right back at her. He quickly builds a fun relationship with the twins, who also make big discoveries this week. Given the Malcolm in the Middle theme, Tommy and Billy are kind of thrust to the forefront to begin with and these kids do a great job in leading the episode at the start.

Vision has become suspicious of Wanda and his surroundings. This episode sees cracks appearing in their relationship and he wonders off on a mission to find out what’s going on. He finds Agnes who prompts him to dig deeper and this has huge repercussions as the episode ends. I think we’ve come to realise that every episode ends on a big cliffhanger and this is just as brilliant as any other. Wanda is definitely not letting go. We had seen pictures of Wanda and Vision in their Halloween costumes which represent the comic book versions of their characters. I loved this, it was a really nice touch and I enjoyed Pietro joining in with the fun too.

Outside of the Hex, Monica, Jimmy and Darcy butt heads with Director Hayward. There’s more talk of the effects of the blip, mention of Carol Danvers and an indication that Monica might just be about to discover something new after learning that going in and out of the hex has tampered with her molecular structure.

This was another great episode and I really enjoy Evan Peters being a part of this. Comedy clearly comes naturally to him and he brought some very fun moments. We now only have three episodes left. We’ve been promised an emotional ending and we’re starting to see even more how the MCU is being opened up to new stories.

What did you make of this latest episode of WandaVision? Let us know in the comments.

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