The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 4: Cornered Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This week, The Bad Batch intends to head to the uninhabited planet of Idaflor to lay low for a while, the snag? They do not have enough fuel to make the trip and they are completely out of rations. Looks like it’s time to go on a, classic Star Wars animation, supply run! The nearest planet? Pantora!

Upon arrival, they are soon sold out by the hanger’s owner to a bounty hunter. Now, as this is a non-spoiler review, I cannot say who it is, but it may or may night be a familiar face. It would seem that Omega is the bounty hunter’s primary target!

With little to no credits, Hunter, Echo and Omega head into the market district to try and sell some supplies. Hilariously, Echo is used as a bargaining chip as part of a transaction and goes on his own ‘droids’ adventure. This part of the episode really brought the humour which helped balance the tension of the storyline between Omega and the bounty hunter.

Speaking of which, the main story thread in this episode centres on the bounty hunter and Omega. Omega must navigate the sensory overload that comes from a bustling market district, and if that isn’t bad enough, there is the threat of a bounty hunter on her tail. Omega has floated the line of strength and vulnerability, and in this episode, we definitely saw her more vulnerable side.

The Bad Batch – Cornered was a nice, self-contained episode that had a nice blend of action and humour. While we didn’t get much in the way of progression in the main narrative, we have a destination, Idaflor, and with Fennec’s client lurking in the shadows (probably the Kaminoans), with have a little mystery as well. I do think however that from next week, it is time to start getting down to business and down the path of who, or what, Omega is and what is Crosshair’s unit’s next move in tracking down The Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Pantora – A planet throwback from The Clone Wars and unlike we’ve ever seen it, so that was nice. It’s good that they can namedrop these types of places so it gives the invested sections of the fan base little nuggets like this.

Fennec Shand – First of all, Ming-Na Wen, I love you. Secondly, Fennec Shand, I love you too. In the reveal trailer for The Bad Batch we saw a glimpse of, what appeared to be, Fennec so we sort of knew that she was going to pop up somewhere at some point. I am very happy that its 4 episodes in! She is such a cool character and her fight with Hunter had some great moments. It was also heavily implied that we have not seen the last of her this season!

Omega – We know there is something special about her, but for me, this episode really highlighted the fact that she has seen so little of the galaxy and is easily manipulated. She couldn’t see through Fennec’s deception, so that could narrow down what her ‘power’ might be. She had a complete sensory overload in the market district, so it will be interesting to see if she is eager next week to go on another adventure, or if she retreats inwards for a while.

Wrecker – This is the second week in a row Wrecker has hit his head. It’s the same side as well. This has to be deliberate and I really feel like it’s going to, somehow, set off activation of his inhibiter chip. I’m calling it right here. (21/5/21)

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