The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 5: Rampage Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Lying low? Not after last week! Why was the bounty hunter after Omega? The Bad Batch are heading to Ord Mantell to find an old Jedi informant named ‘Cid’ to get answers!

As you’d expect, information isn’t free in the galaxy, so The Bad Batch must pull of a job for Cid before they reveal what they know about the bounty hunter. We’ve seen this type of episode before, so you sort of felt like you knew where it was going to take us – and it did! But this wasn’t a bad thing, because while the framework was predictable, the episode did have elements within it that made it enjoyable and humorous.

Omega was such a strong element throughout the entire episode. She’s been great up to this point anyway, but this just felt like a key turning point for her character. She was given plenty to do and showed off her potential. She was also very funny and quippy at times, and she also got to play with a cool new weapon!

There was some really neat Star Wars EU references scattered through the episode which helps add that little something extra to a fairly straightforward and generic episode. Are we treading water at this stage? Maybe. This is probably the last episode in which they can pull off another side mission. They need to start veering towards the main plot again. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t or am not enjoying this, but it just feels like the next step has to be a larger one.

The Bad Batch – Rampage was a ‘by the numbers’ type episode, but did have its nice moments. While entertaining for the most part and with Omega having some key character moments and development, that aside, you just feel like the story is desperate to be taken to the next level.

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Ord Mantell – Ahh, a planet with history! SWTOR, Skorr the bounty hunter, the Black Sun, the Imperial Deepdock and of course, Han’s throwaway line in Episode 5! (Again, indirectly referencing Skorr). It’s a known planet to a lot of Star Wars fans, so to have it used as the main setting here was a nice touch!

Muchi – Taken by Zygerrian slavers, we get tricked into thinking it was the small child being held captive, but in a fun twist, turns out Muchi was in fact the adolescent Rancor! Muchi was actually pretty cute, which is something I never thought I’d say about a Rancor!

Cid – Omega sussed her from the off. Those superpowers in use again! Your typical fixer type alien. We get a glimpse of who gave her the contract to rescue Muchi, and instantly you thought it was Bib Fortuna. This gets confirmed when he arrives to take Muchi towards the end of the episode. Cid comes up with goods, in both information and credits. With Fennec’s identity now known, we also learn it is a direct commission, so the client must be someone big and with plenty of credits. Again, eyes look towards Kamino!

Wrecker – I feel I mention this on a weekly basis now, but Wrecker’s head issue is becoming more and more obvious. You just feel like that particular story thread is about to be pulled. His sparring with Muchi was pretty funny though!

Crosshair – This was the second episode in a row without any Crosshair or Empire story progression, so you do start to wonder how much longer it will be until we return that? I thought it would be a little more split between the two factions, but for now at least, it appears we’ll be following Clone Force 99 for a little while longer!

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