The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 6: Rampage Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

The Bad Batch are still on Ord Mantell and Cid has another mission for them… they need to ‘liberate’ a tactical droid that is due to be decommissioned on Corellia. So, another side quest, this time a heist. Initially this type of thing goes against my comments on last week’s episode in the show’s direction and pacing. But, I’m interested enough to go with it!

As you can imagine, everything doesn’t go according to plan and the team have more than a few different obstacles to overcome! If you have watched The Clone Wars, there is plenty to enjoy about this episode, which should leave you feeling very satisfied. The entire episode either takes place in the dark or a low-light environment, but the colour palette they use is very visually impressive and the sets and location makes for a fantastic and dramatic setting.

Now, last week I said that they really have to start veering back towards the main arc and when, from the off, they announced another side quest, you may fear for the worse, however… This episode of The Bad Batch was one of the strongest episodes of the season yet. It was full of action, drama and great character moments and development. And we actually do get some ‘bigger picture’ moments thrown into the mix as well. I will be amazed if anyone comes out of this episode saying they were not entertained!

The Bad Batch – Decommissioned was the sort of episode I was hoping for from this series and was probably the most action-packed instalment to date! A great setting and a frantic pacing, in addition to Omega’s continued growth, will leave fans entertained and satisfied, even if the main story is pushed to the side for yet another week.

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Omega – I loved the opening, with Echo teaching Omega how to use her new weapon. The bar patrons egging her on and doing their betting just made the scene more comedic, but I like the fact they are showing her being trained to use a weapon. While I don’t think she is going to be going on a full-on killing spree, having the skills to defend herself and help out when needed will be important given the dangers they are all facing. This also paid off in the end. In terms of her role at the droid decommissioning facility, she was very eager to help out and did a great job in showing her worth as an active remember of the group. She has taken her first step into a larger world that much is certain!

Corellia – It is certainly not the most photogenic of planets in the galaxy, but there is still something charming about the industrial world of metal and smog that is Corellia! I think this was a great setting for the episode, especially set at night, and I thought the brown and orange lighting made for a very striking episode from a visual stand point.

Rafa & Trace – Elizabeth Rodriguez and Brigitte Kali reprise their roles as Rafa and Trace from the final season of The Colne Wars. While I wasn’t a huge fan of their story-arc, from a writing point of view, I enjoyed them as characters, and I think seeing them here was certainly much more enjoyable. The stinger at the end, with them talking to someone about the Batch’s location, I think this is a red herring. I don’t think it is an enemy and it can’t be Fennec because the line was “patch HIM through”, so personally, I think it will be Rex. Why? Because I feel it is an obvious misdirect, to suggest a villain-angle, and the fact they have a fully restored and reactivated R7 with them establishes that Rex link further. Yet, with that said, the outfit tease that we saw does resemble Fulcrum’s from Star Wars Rebels, so it could be anyone, it could even be Ahsoka! But given the link between her and the sisters I doubt she’d hide this fact from them. But still, it might be another familiar face, maybe a senator from Alderaan perhaps? As for the “is there an echo in here” gag, I genuinely laughed out loud. It was so stupid but so funny at the same time!

Battle Droids – There was something special about this, and it all stems from their role in The Clone Wars. It sort of felt like The Mandalorian, when the TIEs and troopers came in to save Mando and Mayfeld. It is also nice to hear Liam O’Brien, who has done lots of great work in anime as well as various roles on Star Wars Rebels.

Wrecker – The man banged his head, AGAIN!! But this time, he let slip the “Good soldiers” line… He is pretty much on a downwards spiral until Omega manages to snap him out of it and he comes in for the save. Is he totally free of the programming? I don’t think so, I still believe they will create the device to break the chip and use him as a tester before trying to save Crosshair with it. I don’t think we will be losing Wrecker in regards to the chip.

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