The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 12: Rescue on Ryloth

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

I said last week that we’d either see an immediate follow up, or we’d return to this story later down the line, thankfully it was the former! I’m much more content in having this as a continuous multi-episode arc.

So what is different this time? Well, it’s time for The Bad Batch to get involed! After receiving an emergency transmission from Hera, Omega convinces Hunter to help, so it’s back to Ryloth to rescue the Syndullas!

This episode was your typical Star Wars ‘prison break’ type of story, but that’s not a bad thing nor is it a disservice to what we actually got in terms of the story and key moments. This was a strong episode for Omega and Hera especially, and it really helped solidify their respective pathways. Crosshair was also more present threat this time and it did feel as if Clone Force 99 were going up against him personally more so than the troopers at the refinery. I think the final scene in this episode really indicates what these last set of episodes will be about and I am really excited for that!

In terms of the setting, we were back on Ryloth and this episode mainly took place at night. While I don’t think it was too bad overall, it didn’t ‘pop’ as much as previous night episodes and I think that this slightly let down the episode. Other than that though, this was a really fun and enjoyable twenty-plus minutes of Star Wars TV!

The Bad Batch – Rescue on Ryloth concluded the two-part Ryloth arc in an exciting and satisfying way. Lots of exciting action and some great character plot elements really solidified the Ryloth arc as one of the strongest set of episodes so far.

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Omega – While Hunter was very apprehensive about getting involved on Ryloth, it was Omega who reminded them that they are soldiers and their duty is to help and protect people. She really took the lead here and walked Clone Force 99 down the right path. She stood up to Hunter and continues to grow stronger as a character. I loved her final scene with Hera and I really hope that these two can meet again, if not in this show then another later down the line.

Hera Syndulla – It was great to see Hera in the cockpit and helping to take down the refinery and I appreciate that she is still raw at this stage, so it wasn’t the dead shot and skilled Hera we all know and love.

Chopper – Back to killing (well, stunning) things and causing chaos! Man, I love Chopper! Seeing Hera and Chopper again just makes me want to re-watch Star Wars Rebels, and if you haven’t seen Rebels yet, correct this as soon as possible!

Captain Howzer – I really like Howzer. I had a good feeling about him last week, and here he just confirmed all my suspicions. He isn’t one to blindly follow orders when he knows they are wrong. He questions things and has more empathy than most other standard clones. He clearly respects his past with the Syndulla’s and his service on Ryloth, so he does all he can to help, despite being in a tough spot. It was a great moment when he appealed to his squad. I thought Crosshair would take him out, but instead some joined him and this made for a powerful moment and reminder that not all Clones are going to blindly follow the Empire’s will.

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