The Bad Batch (Season 1) – Episode 13: Infested

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

It’s time for a spice heist!

Cid has been ousted out of her bar and must steal back her spice stash from under the nose of the very same criminal organisation who ousted her!

At a glance, this was a filler episode, but there was plenty of setups teased for bigger and better things to come if they continue down the criminal organisation route. This would be an interesting addition to work alongside the Empire storyline. There is still no news on a Season Two announcement, and given what happens in this episode, I can only think that a second season MUST be going ahead because there is just not enough time to cram in a satisfying story into these last three episodes! I think if an announcement had been made earlier, there would have been more room for patience within some sections of the fandom, as there does seem to be a growing frustration in terms of the main story-arc and series as a whole.

In terms of the episode itself, there was plenty to like! There were some really strong moments but, as previously mentioned, this was effectively a filler episode. Coming off the back of the Ryloth-arc, this felt like a big drop in momentum, especially considering there are now only three episodes left.

The Bad Batch – Infested was a self-contained episode that was enjoyable, but at this stage in the season felt out of place with the pacing of the show. The main positive to take away here was some seeds were planted that could grow into some fun and exciting storylines – read more about that in the spoiler-char below! Three episodes to go and the show feels like it needs a big episode next week to see it through to completion!

The Bad Batch Spoiler Chat:

Roland – The son of crime boss Isa Durand, but unless anyone smarter than me tells me otherwise, I can’t think of the Durand’s being mentioned before in Star Wars? If this is the case, namedropping Isa Durand multiple times and bigging her up as a ‘big bad’ could come into play later down the line as a new threat. Anyway, Roland is After getting one of his horns cut off, it did remind me of Vizago from Star Wars Rebels, but these two are definitely different characters.

The Hive – There was a real ‘Pippin and the bucket inside Moria’ from The Fellowship of the Ring moment when Wrecker drops his torch into the pit and awakening the Irlings. They made light work of Roland’s goons, but were pretty a toothless threat by the time it came to retrieve the spice.

Bolo & Ketch – Playing Sabaac on Gonky, as they are not allowed in the bar, was a funny little moment. They also acted as Cid’s inside men during the heist, stealing Ruby from Roland to help with the distraction. Some nice little moments. They are fun background characters to use every now and then.

Pykes – We see two members of the Pyke Syndicate leaving Cid’s bar. Witch such a criminal element here, especially with the Pykes involved, it just makes you wonder if we are heading towards some sort of Crimson Dawn story… and maybe even Maul?

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