The Book of Boba Fett – Episode 7: In The Name of Honor Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

It’s time for The Book of Boba Fett finale!

We start with the aftermath of the bombing of Garsa’s Sanctuary. Din arrives back, bringing good news about Cobb Vanth rallying up reinforcements, unbeknown to him of Vanth’s showdown fate with Cad Bane. Speaking of which, Bane returns to the Pykes’ embassy, and we learn that it was the Pykes who slaughtered the Tuskens, something which I think most people assumed was the case, myself included!

An X-Wing arrives at Peli Motto’s hanger – at this point I was thinking it was going to be Luke bringing Grogu back, turns out I was half right! There is little sign of a pilot, that is until Grogu slowly pops his head up out of the cockpit. I cannot believe he flew an X-Wing all the way to Tatooine, but of course, he didn’t, R2-D2 did! Peli serves him up some nice dung worms for the road, it was a long journey after all! This was a nice little scene and I think we all thought that Grogu would end up choosing to return to Din rather than stay with Luke at the Academy.
Back at the ruins of the Sanctuary, Cad Bane arrives to ‘negotiate’ and he hasn’t come alone! He informs Fett that that Vanth is out of the picture and that it was the Pykes who massacred the Tuskens. Bane’s plan is obviously to lure Boba into a showdown, but thanks to Fennec’s intervention, Boba remains calm, and the situation is defused, with Bane returning to the Pykes to deliver the message. But before Boba can rest up, a trap has been sprung and all his allies are now in grave danger!

The Mods are under attack from the Aqualish, the Trandoshans swarm to attack Krrsantan and the Gamorians now face a group of Klatooninians – So much for staying neutral! The Gamorians are forced back to a cliff edge and fall to their deaths – very brutal! The Mods lose a few red shirts before Fennec arrives to provide sniper cover and stops the ambush. As for Krrsantan, the Trandoshans have the numbers and soon swarm him, leaving his fate unknown at this point. At the Sanctuary, the Pykes move in, but Din and Boba are resolved and stand fast. As the mayor’s majordomo reads out the terms of Boba’s ‘surrender’, Boba and Din attack from the air, using their jetpacks, and start to take out the Pykes. This was a great action sequence with some great camerawork. I just loved seeing two Mandalorians fighting back-to-back, it was such a great visual! Just as the Pykes start to regain control of the fight, a transport full of residents from Freetown arrives to provide backup. Cobb Vanth is not with them, however. We finally get confirmation, that despite everything, Vanth is in fact dead, “shot down in cold blood”. There would be no reason to say this otherwise, why would they want to keep a secret from their allies. So, the sad truth is, Vanth is gone… man, that hurts. A lot. You just felt like his death was, low-key? I don’t think it was a fitting end and the character and Olyphant deserved so much more.

As the battle starts to come to a head, Krrsantan arrives, seemingly fighting off his Trandoshan attackers, and helps clear out a good number of Pykes, however, he takes a lot of damage in the process and is far from full strength. The Pykes retreat, but now is not the time to celebrate as they are merely falling back to allow their Scorpenek Droids, kitted out with deflector shield generators, to move in and finish the resistance off once and for all! Boba and Din separate, with Boba heading off for “reinforcements” and Din, unexpectedly, is reunited with Grogu! It was a touching reunion and I’m not afraid to admit that it brought a tear to my eye. As for Boba’s reinforcements? Say hello to the Rancor baby! Boba Fett riding a Rancor… this is the stuff I dreamed of as a kid when I would play with my Star Wars toys! Grogu… Rancor… HELL YES! The Rancor takes a bad hit but manages to disable the shield enough for Din to jump in and damage the Scorpenek. Din is knocked off, and now faces the prospect of being killed by the remaining cannon. But Grogu is not having any of this! Like the little badass that he is, he struts in the battlefield and, using the force, takes out one of the leg joints forcing it to stumble, allowing enough time for the Rancor to regain its strength and rip the Scorpenek to pieces. Boba charges over to the remaining Scorpenek Droid, which is pinning down the Freetown fighters and Mods, and the Rancor heroically destroys it in a tense fight. With the Pykes on the run, there’s only one chess piece left on the board, Cad Bane…

Bane arrives and, using his flamethrower, manages to force the Rancor into retreat, leaving just him and Boba standing. THIS is the main event. The rematch (Google it) of the century… Boba Fett vs Cad Bane. Despite Bane getting on in years, he proves that he is still the fastest gunslinger around, as he strikes Boba with a blaster bolt, knocking him to the ground. As Bane soaks up the scene with some epic dialogue, he goes to finish off Boba, now without his helmet, and end their fight. While Bane is a master of the blaster, Boba’s Tusken melee training comes back around, and he fends off Bane before getting the upper hand and killing him. Bane gets a lingering death shot, something Vanth was denied. I’m telling you, that has really irked me! As for the scene, it was outstanding and everything that I wanted. If you knew about their past and everything we’ve seen previously, it was a satisfying payoff. I also really enjoyed how the Gaffi Stick came back into play, especially as it held such significance during the first few episodes. It was a huge character moment for Boba Fett.

With the Rancor now without its master, it is running rampage through Mos Espa. Din struggles to fend the Rancor off and is knocked to the ground. Once again, it is time for Grogu to save the day, using the force to send the Rancor into a peaceful sleep. He even strokes it lovingly as it snores away! The music use here was incredible and this served as a nice final action sequence to close out the other side of the story and characters.

At the Pykes’ embassy, the Pykes, the mayor, and heads of the traitorous families are planning their next move, but they don’t have long to do much, as Fennec takes them all out in full assassin style! So that’s it, the Pykes have been dealt a huge blow and Boba has now gained the respect of the locals. He mentions that he is not suited to all the bowing and pomp and circumstance, and Fennec agrees. He also states that his Bacta tank is currently in use… Vanth? VANTH?? They reunite with Krrsantan and the Mods and so begins the reign of Boba Fett!
In space, Din and Grogu are flying away from Tatooine and after a funny scene with the metal ball and Grogu, he is granted his wish, and the two race out of the system and head towards The Mandalorian Season 3!

We are not done yet, as our post-credits takes us to Boba’s palace and to the Bacta tank. There he is, you beautiful, beautiful man! Cobb Vanth is healing in the Bacta tank and the Modifier, who saved Fennec, is gearing up to work his magic! THIS is what I wanted! I don’t care if this makes no sense with the ‘shot down in cold blood’ speech. He’s alive and that’s all I care about!

So, there we have it, the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett! With Vanth alive, my summary won’t be filled with my disappointment and frustration, so that’s a positive! I think in terms of the action and story pay-off it works well as a finale, for the most part. I do think the wrap-up reunion with Boba and his crew was a little rushed, and maybe should have been after the Din and Grogu scene, but other than that I think it was a great ending to the series.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Book of Boba Fett and you only need to go back and read my weekly reviews to know what I enjoyed the most – the Tusken lore, music, and characters. Likewise, I don’t have any issue with the story focus shifting from Boba to other characters, this is a ‘book’, books have chapters, and some build up other elements away from the main protagonist! For me, Star Wars is one giant organic and free-flowing entity, and trying to limit and restrain the story and characters only serve to damage it. Star Wars can be whatever you want it to be, it is not for fans to ‘gatekeep’ or confine what is possible.

What did you think of The Book of Boba Fett finale and the series overall? Let us know in the comments!

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