The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power Trailer Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

We finally have our first proper look at the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and boy does it look GOOD!

Firstly, you can really see where all of Amazon’s money is going with this series as boy, does this look epically cinematic! Every shot within this one-minute teaser looked breath-taking and even some of the camera work and shots echoed that of Peter Jackson’s style, which is a smart move to help create that association.

The main narration appears to be coming from Markella Kavenagh’s Nori Brandyfoot, who is a Harfoot, one of three sub-types of Hobbits. Harfoots are known to value their secrecy and privacy. So, it’s fitting she has the line of “what else is out there?” because that will fit with going against the status quo like Bilbo and Frodo. It’s a nice touch that she has that West Country accent that we associated with Samwise Gamegee.

While this is set long before the events of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of The Ring, we will have some familiar faces appearing in the series with the likes of Galadriel, Elrond, Isildur, and Elendil. As this teaser seems to feature Galadriel heavily, I expect her to be a prominent figure in the series.

We also have a shot of a meteor crashing and some are saying this is linked to the man in the flames we see, dubbed ‘Meteor Man’, by the internet, and there are online suggestions that this could Annatar aka Sauron. I couldn’t tell you, to be honest, it could also be one of the wizards, although I’m very confident, for several reasons, that it is not Gandalf! Whoever it is, it appears this character and the young Harfoot will be connected in some way, as it appears she is the one to help him out the debris.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out the trailer below:

Things From The Trailer:

Lord of the Ka-Ching

I mean, I said this at the beginning of this review that you could see the money on-screen that is being pumped into this series, and that is showcased right from the off, with a stunning shot of a boat sailing into the port of a stunning city landscape. My gut is telling me that this could be Numenor! If it is indeed Numenor, I think in the distance you can see a mountain, which could be Meneltarma, which will please Tolkien fans and a nice subtle inclusion!

The World Is Changed…

We see Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) scaling a mounting. Could this be Helcaraxë? The ice wasteland that bridges Aman and Middle-Earth? Maybe, maybe not, but as a visual, it just has so much scope and scale which looks incredible. While obviously much younger here, Galadriel is still several thousand years old, but it will be interesting to see how comparable she is to the character played by Cate Blanchett or if those traits are developed throughout the series. I like that it appears that she is set to take a proactive role in the story and the impending threat of Sauron further down the line.

Toss A Coin to Your Ice Troll

While it has the vague outline of a Tolkienesque troll, there is more of a Witcher-vibe here, and I am all for it! As we are set to have a host of new original characters for the series, I think they also need to bring this approach with the creatures of the world. I know Tolkien purists will push back against new characters, stories, and concepts, but I think this show needs every chance to be its own creation as well as borrowing from the books or previous movies in the saga.

Become Who You Were Born to Be

Known for playing, a very convincing, young Ned Stark in four episodes of Game of Thrones, Robert Aramayo returns to the fantasy genre to play another younger portrayal of an older and familiar character, this time in the form of Elrond! I think similarly to Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel, this is a great bit of casting as he has those sharp Elvish features and a look of Hugo Weaving about him in the eyes. I’m very excited to see what role Elrond plays in the series, I imagine it is a significant one?

Back to the Frodo

Here we see Will Fletcher, who is set to play Finrod Felagund, but as the show is set at the end of the second age, this will probably be a flashback – as Finrod’s timeline is much further back. There are rumours that the first two episodes are a prequel to the series proper, which is an interesting approach to take, but we shall see! Tolkien traditionalists will again be angered due to his short hair, with Finrod is known to have luscious long blond locks, but it’s a non-issue for me. This battles scene clip oozed that Lord of the Rings movie vibe, and I am looking forward to seeing how they approach and execute their action set pieces.

What did you make of this first trailer for The Rings of Power? Let us know in the comments or over on our socials!

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