The Walking Dead – Season 11, Episode 12: The Lucky Ones

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

This review contains spoilers.

With lots to talk about this week, let’s get straight into the review!

We start with flashbacks of Max building the radio and communicating with Eugene. We learn that Max was doing this all from her flat, until her brother, Mercer, finds out and has to put an end to it given that Lance was on the prowl and ready to take over. We see a flashback, from Stephanie/Max’ angle when she first met Eugene with Not Stephanie getting the ice cream. Stephanie was Max and Mercer’s mother’s name, so there is no Stephanie. So at least that is finally cleared up.

We are on the road and Pamela Milton is going on tour to the other communities, much to her reluctance!

Starting with Alexandria, Aaron is overseeing repairs but preps his people to keep as many of their secrets away from Commonwealth eyes as possible. I don’t blame them for being cautious! Aaron gives Pamela and Lance the tour, and we learn that Pamela knew the former leader of Alexandria, Deanna, before the collapse. This was a nice little throwback to put in there and just brought some of that Alexandria history back to the surface! She doesn’t seem too impressed with Alexandria however, especially given the Walker breach.
We then move on to Oceanside, and after a brief paddle in the water, Pamela has a meeting with Rachel and we find out that Rachel is not ready to sign up to the Commonwealth, because despite Alexandria being on board, they back Hilltop and Maggie, and Maggie has turned down the Commonwealth’s help. Pamela seems to enjoy Oceanside more than Alexandria, and I think she wants it due to the lovely beach parties she can have with her follow socialites! So, we must make Maggie change her mind…

Lance makes it clear to Aaron that if Maggie does not join with the Commonwealth, and brings both Hilltop and Oceanside into the fold, then Alexandria is cut off. Given the flash-forward, we had to Daryl and his fellow Stormtroopers at the gates of Hilltop, you can imagine that things are not going to end well! Back on the road, Maggie is taking out a group of Walkers as the convoy approaches. While she embraces Daryl and welcomes Aaron, she still questions why they trust the Commonwealth. Pamela wants to go hunting, so this allows her to get some one-on-one time with Maggie. Pamela tries to sing Maggie’s tune and it is difficult to say for certain if this is all for her own benefit or it is indeed the truth. At this point, Maggie seems to be leaning in her favour, at least on the surface level.

At Hilltop, supplies are handed out as the Commonwealth tries to extend its hand and win over the residents. Mercer and Darryl have a nice exchange which sees Daryl warming to the idea of the Commonwealth and Mercer actually having some, subtle, doubts. This was a nice little role reversal! Lance tries to put the big-sell on Maggie but is interrupted by a swarm of Walkers approaching. Maggie and her crew take out a few of them before Mercer arrives with his troopers and clean house. I find firing towards Maggie group a little weird, in terms of the scene setup, because if this was real, there is no way none of Maggie’s group walk away without getting shot in the crossfire! This latest Walker attack seems to be turning a few heads at Hilltop, but not Maggie’s, and she turns down the offer. Dianne and a few others are leaving, however, as they can no longer cope with the endless uphill battles and no end in sight, which does seem to impact Maggie on some level.

Pamela informs Lance that she can see what he’s planning with these communities, as they’ll need someone to oversee, or ‘lead’ their integration. She can see his ambition but warns him that there will be consequences if his job performance in the Commonwealth slips. This seems to push Lance to a trigger point, literally, as he heads into the woods to proficiently, and at some distance, take out some Walkers with his small revolver. When Aaron approaches to ask if Alexandria is still part of the Commonwealth’s plans, Lance confidently and with very determined eyes states that they are going to “remake the world!”. Villain red flag warning!!
Back at the Commonwealth, Ezekiel is at the hospital, for what he thinks are just some standard tests, but Tomi informs him that he’s actually being prepped for surgery. Jerry is happy, but Ezekiel looks uneasy. Back at his house, Carol arrives, and it doesn’t take long for Ezekiel to figure out that Carol had a hand to play in him getting his surgery. He’s not happy about leapfrogging other sick people, such is the type of person he is!

Rosita and Eugene have a nice catchup by the lake, and he tells her that Stephanie broke up with her. “Going the flow” was the theme of the conversation and it seems that Eugene is still unsure of the best course of action. His next move is to visit Max and apologise for his actions. While Eugene’s apology and honesty is the right thing on a human level, Max still isn’t sure. But when talk turns to Eugene’s novel, the pair can at least share a smile and a feeling of “the old times”. They’ll work this out!

I think was a good episode in terms of getting to see all our communities and other characters again. They really explored the benefits of protection and resources inside the Commonwealth and the costs of signing up, like personal freedoms. Lance dropped the “workers” line a few times in the episode, especially in his conversation with Maggie, so I can still see him being aligned with the uprising. We also got some Walker action this week, so it just served as a reminder that it’s not all about human politics, there still is a zombie threat out there. Overall, I feel that there were a lot of setups in this episode and I’m interested to see where this story leads.

What did you make of the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

One reply to “The Walking Dead – Season 11, Episode 12: The Lucky Ones

  1. Eugene and Max!!! I’ve loved this arc since it started and as thrown together as so many of the couples have been, watching this one grow over time/distance really has me rooting for them… “I gave my love to an imposter”…gosh he’s just so good!!! And the novel talk softening the mood. I’m here for this one! Big time!!

    I had my own flashbacks of Maggie as her scenes played out. She’s come a long way since that farm house, a long, long way. I can imagine the struggle she faces in deciding, also can’t blame others for doing what they feel like they need to do. It’s tough out there!

    Ezekiel is just amazing. I get him being upset about being placed before others but I also, selfishly wanted this reconciliation between he and Carol.

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