Stranger Things 4 Trailer Review

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

Wow, wow and more wow!

The first full trailer for Stranger Things 4 has landed and the size and scale of the show have blown up beyond anything I could have ever imagined! To go from Series 1, in the small town of Hawkins, to this global, wide-scale sci-fi horror adventure in Series 4 is simply mind-blowing!

With so many characters and different concurring storylines, it makes sense that not only has the series been split into two, but the runtime has been vastly increased for each episode! And the thing is, this is the penultimate series, this isn’t even the final series! So, if they are going so BIG with Stranger Things 4, I cannot even comprehend what Stranger Things 5 will be like!

I will be honest, the small teasers released earlier in the year did very little for me and I was actually very concerned that they might have finally run out of steam, especially given how much I love this show! Then they drop this absolutely EPIC trailer and now I’m looking back at myself thinking what a fool of a Took!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check the trailer out for yourself:

As always, I have picked my TOP 5 moments from the trailer to look at more closely!

5 Things From The Trailer:

The Dream Team

I have been Team Steve from the very beginning, even before his Series 1 redemption, and when he was paired off Dustin, things just got even better! THEN they added the phenomenal Robin into the mix, in the last series, and the dream team was complete! Be it the brotherhood of Steve and Dustin or the besties of Robin and Steve, the dynamics just work so well, and I am glad that we’ll be sticking with that in this upcoming series!

House On Haunted Hill

We know this house is going to play a key part in the story, as it was the focus of one of the previous teasers. The clock that appears multiple times throughout this trailer is housed here, and the connection seems to call out to Max (more on that later!).

Any kind of ‘haunted house’ setting is always great and when inserting that into the world of Stranger Things, then you just know this is going to be something very special!

BLAST From the Past

It will be great to see more of Eleven’s past, especially during those early years of experimentation, as they were such fascinating parts of the first series.

Looking at this shot, it doesn’t look like unused footage, as Eleven’s face looks slightly more mature, so I think they have just morphed Millie’s face onto a double. Regardless, it looks great!

A GRAVE Mistake

At the start of the trailer, we see Max sitting by Billy’s grave, however later on – when she is seen floating in the air (possessed?) – the grave’s headstone says ‘William’ not Billy… are we time traveling or dimension swapping? Visions or nightmares, perhaps? Safe to say, something is very STRANGE about this! Given that Max is taking such a key role in this trailer, it could be an early indication that her role in the show will also be bumped up, seeing her take on a larger part of the story focus.

Keeping it in the family leads me to my final pick…

Bad, Bad… Billy?

The trailer ends with our first proper look at the series ‘Big Bad’ and their introduction is very interesting…

Refer back to Max floating above Billy’s or ‘William’s’ grave, that crucifixion pose mirrors the one we see this new entity replicate, and given the tentacles coming out of it, doesn’t it remind you of Billy’s death scene last season? Could this be some form of manifestation of Billy’s former self? Mutation or even possession of the dead? They could just be trying to play with some misdirection here, but my gut instinct is that Max has something to do with the new villain, and the obvious connection, thanks to the breadcrumbs left in the trailer, is Billy!

Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 will be released on Netflix on May 27th with Volume 2 arriving later in the Summer on July 1st.

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