Moon Knight – Episode 3: The Friendly Type

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

We are at the halfway point now and episode 3 really ups the stakes and fully immerses us in the world of Moon Knight.

There is so much action in this episode which was a lot of fun to watch as we’re taken to Egypt. Now in possession of the golden scarab, Arthur Harrow begins the task of digging up Ammit. That’s not going to end well. He doesn’t even care that Marc is hot on his heels. This episode propels Marc to the forefront and we see that he’s very close to the mark when it comes to his self-restraint in combat. Is it bad that I was hoping Steven acting as his conscience was silenced? Oscar Isaac does an impressive job in these action scenes and having Marc as the focus throughout the episode gave it a lot more edge. It also gave further depth to Layla with some backstory as she took the lead at the start.

We are introduced to Anton Mogart (or Midnight Man) played by the late Gaspard Ulliel. This paved way for an incredible fight scene using some dangerously pointy weaponry. The fight was worth it though as it felt like Layla and Steven are able to start putting the pieces together of a very big puzzle.

Another great moment was our introduction to the gods through their avatars. Khonshu clearly isn’t one to shy away and we learn that the other gods really do take a step back and make full use of their avatars. It becomes clear why he isn’t keen on Marc’s idea to summon them as they really don’t seem to like him. He’s bold and doesn’t listen to their advice after his plea for help doesn’t work. However bad the consequences are, Khonshu shows off some pretty spectacular skills as he causes a solar eclipse and manipulates the stars in the sky to find the answers he needs. This doesn’t have a happy ending and he finds himself in a sticky situation that will surely also impact Marc and Steven.

There were moments the pace of this episode felt a little out of sync but with great action and great story development, The Friendly Type leaves you wanting more. Again!

What did you make of this latest episode of Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments!

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