Moon Knight – Episode 4: The Tomb Review

By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

This review contains spoilers.

Let’s call this a turning point for Moon Knight as episode 4 delivers on humour, thrills and gives us the best episode so far with one hell of an ending.

As Steven and Layla grow closer there are some funny interactions between Steven and Marc. I enjoyed that we got more funny moments this week as it was something I really enjoyed in the first episode. With Khonshu gone, Steven and Layla race against Arthur Harrow to get to the tomb first. The inhabitant of the tomb was a very interesting twist and there were plenty of supernatural blocks along the way. In fact, there were a few moments that were quite jumpy!

Layla has been really interesting to watch so far but this episode really raised her appeal. She gives Lara Croft a run for her money as she dodges and dives along a dangerous path to get to the finishing point. Just when everything seems to be going well, Harrow appears out of the shadows and throws a daddy-shaped spanner in the works which spirals into an unfortunate confrontation between himself and Marc. Shot twice in the chest, Marc tumbles into the waters within the tomb and at this moment I had so many things running through my mind.

A deathly ending kicks off a new beginning as Marc wakes up in a mental institution, drugged to the point of semi-consciousness and completely confused about what’s happening. Layla is there too and Harrow appears to be his doctor. Objects around him trigger memories and Marc becomes gradually irritable before escaping Harrow’s office and running through the halls. He finds Steven in physical form (I loved this moment) and the episode wraps up with the pair coming face to face with an Egyptian Hippo. Incredible!!!

These final 10 minutes totally had WandaVision vibes, with an unbelievable twist that gets you excited about the show all over again. I’m not familiar with the Moon Knight comics but after doing some research, I can’t wait to watch what’s about to unfold. Will this be a completely new story for its final two episodes or will both stories join up? The wait for next week is going to be painful.

What did you make of this latest episode of Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments!

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